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The Mystic Ally and Weapon Dmg Questions

Two separate questions that tie together.

1) Mystic Ally: I tried searching for forums for details about mystic ally and was unable to find any good information. Does anyone have info about what the base stats of the mystic ally are?

2) Weapon Dmg in tooltip: I am a little confused by this term in the ability tooltip descriptions. For an ability like Sweeping Wind, it says the vortex deals 15% weapon damage. From what everyone always says on the forum, specifically for Sweeping Wind, the ability cares about your paper DPS when starting this up. For mystic Ally, it says 40% of my weapon damage. Is this literally, he's doing 40%x1363.6 Skorn = 545 damage per hit? Or is there some sort of paper doll calculation going on here too.

I have been using mystic ally for a long time now even though I notice no other monks in this gear range (100k DPS +) use it. I like it a lot just for the fact that often times, he'll distract 1 elite for me thus effectively tanking for my farming run, this is especially useful since I MF swap my gear too.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks monks!
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Any info on either?
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Final attempt to get answers before I let this die.

I'm fine with Mystic Ally remaining this mystical skill that no one understands, but any insight on the weapon damage in conjunction with skill questions?
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The terminology in the game regarding weapon damage is not consistent, so every skill requires extensive testing to verify the mechanics. Unfortunately Mystic Ally is not all that popular so there hasn't been the same kind of testing done for it like Sweeping Wind.

But from what I recall, I believe Mystic Ally does 40% of your sheet DPS, I think someone did verify that MA's DPS scales with your attack speed.
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I have the answers. They'll be coming soon to a thread near you!
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