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Rate Barb above you v11

@dragontwiste, good gear, cant comment on wat to upgrade as i havent been past the 60k dps mark. 8/10

lol.. nah im just your average barb

Still sad about the Mempo T_T

But I hope you took my advice on the amulet though.

@DragonTwiste -- Great Barb for less than 4k elite kills! 6/10 overall, but what I do like is how well you've itemised each piece; though I recommend switching to a faster off hand :)
@acrimony, you got nice cool gears ! Still learning on upgrading my gears :)
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Rate me please :)


7/10 nice throwbarb :p
@ reasoning


It's a different route that's for sure but it looks like it works? are you able to perma WOTB? I'd say add a little more attack speed and get rid of blackthorne.


Ditch the pants and chest piece dude as you are losing out on a ton of armor and base stats which imo are not worth the 17 or 18% IAS. Doing so would scale you up to 8/10.
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dps wise 9/10 vit wise 6/10 overall 8/10.

Overall 7/10

Maybe the IK Glove (find one with ias / cd) and Chest (higher strength) and ammy (find one with str as well) can be upgraded, but of course they will cause a fortune..

also what i see strange, did u misplace your MH and OH?
Something is wrong...

thanks man. No I did'nt misplace it, the thing is if I put my OH on my MH the dps drops 20k+ maybe it has something to do with the cd and the 15% damge increase from swords and daggers passive.
Something is wrong...

Decent itemisation and stat priorities but could have done better with a few pieces. I'm sure you could have got a lot of strength on your gloves if you'd gone twofecta and not tri. If you ran it through a dps calculator you'd be surprised. The inclusion of phys res on some pieces is nice, and high int on the mempo was a good pick.

As for build, I'd be taking lacerate if you already have provocation. Or going down the more common HotA path as a fury dump as it obliterates champ packs (you'd need to run Into the Fray).


Not too shabby, loving that extra health globe bonus. Upgrade the gems and you're set.

@PartyCat - Very good barb, could perhaps use a bit more HP/Resists but other than that really good. 8.9/10 from me.
@Jester - protections are really good but DPS is too low. I would suggest bring DPS up and dropping unneeded protections. So far 6/10 from me.

Yea, it's built for mp1 farming! Waiting for lottery items to upgrade them with vits.
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@Jester - protections are really good but DPS is too low. I would suggest bring DPS up and dropping unneeded protections. So far 6/10 from me.

Paper dps is low, my real dps is insane. 23% from offhand alone and I can face tank anything up to MP3 which means I have 100% uptime on my damage.

Appreciate the feedback. And I do need to sack some defence.
Dont know what to UG next. Suggestions? Anddddddddddd... how's he looking so far?

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