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key of destruction no longer dropped

I was farming key of destruction at MP5 last few days, I was so surprised to found the key never dropped during my last about 10 time’s attempt. I was with level 5 buff before challenging the key keeper at Act 1 and there is no key of destruction within my account.

According to blue poster, the drop rate of keys at MP5 shall be 5% + 10%*5 =55%, so the probability of key not dropped after 10 times attempt = (100% - 55%)^10 = 0.00034 = 0.034%. I don’t think I am that lucky to meet such a small probability event, so there must be some kind of bug, pls kindly check!
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It is actually 50% and 10 fails in a row is very unlikely. Something like .098%. That means if there are 1000 people all doing the same runs as you 1 of them will get 10 fails in a row. Sorry but you are 1 of those people. Keep trying.
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I have tried another 10 times at mp5, and still failed to drop the key. I am telling u sth goes wrong here(coz the keys of A2 and A3 drops as usual) and trying to help blizzard to fix a hidden defect. So don’t use ur theory of possibility to brush me off again. We both know that fails in a row of 20 means 1/million.
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Well the only remaining option is that you don't have a 5 stack of Nephalem Valor. It is required for keys to be droppable.
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Having a similar issue here.
I did a nice bunch of runs only to come out almost empty handed save for a single key. This while runs are MP5 - MP8. And yes, I did have 5 valor. I have done this before. It is not something super complex.
I feel something is amidst.

If it is indeed all just luck then I should stop playing this game and play the lotto. With this luck, I could probably hit 4 out of 5 numbers and still get the powerball; not exactly the jackpot, but a few hundred K none the less.
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Dropped for me early this morning. Not only was I not farming it, but I didn't even know about the infernal machine until after I got home from work and googled the key of destruction. This has piqued my interest, so now I'm ready to look into the rest of the quest.
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I've been doing key runs both solo and with a friend on mp5 or higher, and I'm not getting any keys from the acts! I've at least done 15+ runs... (5 nv stacks)

and I've been doing the runs for a while now and made many rings, they just stopped dropping keys recently...

I can get drops from the ubers but not keys!


Honey B
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Same here,

I got keys in act 2 and 3 with every try on MP7 but in act 1 the key won't drop after 5 attempts.
I tried together with some friends, than the key dropped immediately.

Also my characters are not shown properly in my battle.net-profile.

Hope you'll fix it!
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i'm having same issue . for the last 3-4 days, i've been farming the act 2 key on mp7 with 5 stacks of valor and i've killed the mob about 10 times and the key hasn't dropped . i'm glad to see i'm not the only one having issues.
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Hi, I've got the same problem.

I've made at least 15-20 runs at MP5-MP7 having 5 buffs but in act 1 the key won't drop.

Hope this can be fixed!
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Same here, though on MP 3, but for the key of terror (Act 3), and I do have 5 stacks of nephalm bonus. I finally got one after 12 attempts though. The odds of not dropping after 11 attempts is 1-(.7)^11. It was most likely more that 12 since I have been only tracking it for this 12 runs, and this is NOT the first time it has happened to me, so it is unlikely that I am unlucky. This is not due to chance. Something is most likely wrong. This has been like this for me for about a week.
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I also get no keys I have done about 8 runs at MP5 and 20+ runs at MP3 the 5's were solo and the Mp3's were with friends and random acts.. 0 keys out of all those runs Yes i had 5 NV other ppl in the games got keys I never got a single one though in over 30+ runs total.
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For what little it may be worth, I wonder if these things tend to run in streaks? I have always had good luck with the act 1 key and seem to receive it 70% of the time at MP4 and around 80% at MP5. The drop rate for act 2 was about right at the posted odds for the MP. But the act 3 key seemed impossible to get. I went 0 for 10 at MP4, and 1 for 9 at MP5. But since then, in six subsequent act 3 runs I have received the key four out of my last six tries at MP5.
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I don't think it no longer drops, but I do think that the keys don't drop at the promised rate.
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same issues with act 1, never dropped.
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I did 3 runs at mp 10 and still no drop
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