Diablo® III

just discovered my best friend is a bot.

so iv been running with this guy for like 3 months now, when i first met him he showed his commitment to our friendship by dropping heaps of good loots near his stash after every run, super guy even though alot of it was pretty lame.. crude spatula of power for example. He continually showed me his dedication to our friendship by never being more than a meter or so away from me in our runs, always got my back like a true warrior.

Sometimes he got stuck places like in between a wall and a chest or next to a tree, but like a real friend i stayed with him until he d/c'ed or managed to calm the panic and port home.

i started to notice something was wrong on a social front with "xxchowyoungepha441t" when conversation was usually heavily one sided, i mean he would always start our little yarns with a link to what i assumed was a website he recommended which normally happened to be a company involved in gold trading. Thats cool i thought the dude is looking out for me, hooking me up with sweet deals on gold.

We use to play this game where i stand at a waypoint and he runs around me in a circle, i called it circle game. It pretty much beat most of the content in diablo for entertainment value anyway.. guess you had to be there. Well yesterday i logged in to find xxchowyoungepha411t to not be online, which is odd for him seeing as though he is usually online literally 24-7 grinding craters and circling peeps in the barracks(he was a real character). i panicked and immediately sent a ticket to blizzard informing them of a missing persons case involving my beloved friend.

they went onto tell me that xxchowyoungepha411t was a program and not a real human and was exploiting the game and violating blizzards code of conduct so they had banned his account.. heartless bastard broke it to me like that, true story. now i have to make another friend to help me fill in the lonely boring days :(
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Very creative. 7/10 for the chuckle.
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if this is a true story, then damn. That is one good program.

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Hahaha nice.

11/16/2012 08:26 PMPosted by vexorian
Better than your necroing.

Is this your personality in every thread you participate in, or just the ones I've seen?
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Funniest post on Bnet.


I lol'd
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That was a good one. (%
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it's a better Love Story than Twilight.

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rofl....this was pure freaking gold....Good job OP....my commendations for creative storytelling.

11/16/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Bandit
(he was a real character)

Best part of the story.
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Haahahaha i LOLD so hard. Those bastards broke it down to you cold. Bumpin til it overtakes all the hate thread. :)
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Wow! I don't think I've LOL'd this much in a while. Classic!
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it's a better Love Story than Twilight.


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A compelling story. +10 Jay Wilsons to you, OP.

I really felt like I was there with you, having adventures with xxchowyoungepha411t. I hate heart breaks like that.

Do you think that, at any point, it felt real feelings? I know everyone says they can't feel like us, but what does your heart tell you?
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Was it able to pass the Turing test? if so they may have deleted the first true AI.
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haha good read really funny!
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Haha 9/10 great post.
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10/10 circling game ftwXD
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