Ticket # US32860763
my problem is my account has been banned, and I bought another key to cover my account , which means Blizzard would delete my items and characters. That's all right, but when I get in AH and RMAH, it shows a number on the "completed items" section, like number 48 on AH and 44 on RMAH. This obviously shows there are 48 items in my storage of AH and 44 items in my storage of RMAH, but when I check it, there is nothing, I can not see them and get them. Thus Blizzard deleted all items beside storage in "completed items" of AH and RMAH, Blizzard just hide them, but not completely delete them. When I put the third items on AH, in this case, the number of items in AH is over 50 (48+3 >50), which shows error" the items in AH are 50/50," I can no long put items in AH. I need a technical support to help me fix that problem, I have spent whole week to submit tickets for this problem, but there is no one make sense what happened, I need you help.