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What should I do next with CM/WW?

I recently reached a point with my AS and APOC where I felt able to swap out my crystallize Ice Armor (underrated IMO) and crystal shell for shocking aspect and shards.Before I made the switch i was able to farm keys mp10. Granted it was slow but I didn't die... Now I am topping out at mp7. I definitely noticed a HUGE jump in damage... but it doesn't do much if I'm dead. What recommendations do you have to improve my survivability? Specifically what should I focus on next? I suspect it will involve upgrades which will not be easily attained involving LOH and AR. Also, in the interim as I will take time to acquire the gold to upgrade. If you had to choose would you lose shocking aspect or shards?
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even tho its been shown that shocking aspect does more dps than shards, i personally like shards more (thats a personally preference tho)
dps wise just shocknado is about a 5-6x dps multiplier
while shards is only 4x

and shocknado shards is 7-8x ur dps
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When I was like u - although ive never had less than 5000 armor i have had 500 AR - I used fracture with SNS. it's amazing. like over 66% to dodge if you keep ur clones all the time. Position properly it way way higher. U just wont get hit hardly once you get used to it.

To really face tank MP 10 with wormhole ur gonna need about 800 more armor and 160 more ar IMO.

ur making all the right moves imo - just a little more mitigation = god.

Until then fracture = ninja god
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I'd definitely keep shocking aspect over shards if I had to made the choice. It's much higher single target dps and with more than 1-2 mobs you shouldn't really have any issues anyway. Ideally I'd stick with whatever MP level lets you keep both to farm with since that's the highest dps varient of the spec. Dropping from MP10 to MP6-7 isn't a big deal if it takes you half the time to clear.
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Thanks for the fracture suggestion. I'll definitely have to try that. I think AR is where I will have to focus next. Other than my Chest and Bracers I'm running out of places to get armor. I suppose I could on rings... and so the balancing act continues.
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it's tough if you want to use os wand without spending billions.

guys who manage to do it are straight up 10s in my book.
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well, I got lucky on a fair portion of my gear. I found the witching hour, bracers, source and rings... probably only spent 150 million on gear. Would probably cost less than that in current market. Now if i can just get lucky on a tal chest with armor and resist.
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