Diablo® III

MP8 Carry here

Bring your machines free of charge need people now...... I got alot of friend requests resend them if you did not... Ready to start!
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ok add me up
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Request sent if you still need one.
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He asked for a tank and I requested. Just ran MP7 with this guy, he kept dying and I had to carry him. Would not recommend unless you want to spend over an hour trying to get organs on MP7.
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I got it bro just finished 3-4 runs perfectly..... 30 min tops I have refrences. I never asked for a tank hes the king troller here.. poor guy all he does is diablo 3 wow... And I do not to mp7 thats how I know hes lieing....

Anyway on another note.... thanks guys for enjoying my runs loving the rings I just rolled a GG one :)))

Bro... he has just 1 ring thats it well I dont think he has even 1... he wanted to tank I said ok but you probably die because you only do 60k dps but he came I was tryin to help the poor guy out he died 20 times.... got one shotted I helped him get his ring.... poor guy.. feel sorry for him... he needs to get out more!

Would not ask this sorry !@# barb to tank hes bad
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Save your machines and go elsewhere. LSU is getting a really bad reputation around here...
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I really dont care lol... its the internet WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I live in reality not on here I really do not care the people that care about me, and I know I have in my life I do not need internet people or popularity here its stupid its forums I do not listen to Obama supporters like yall HAH!

Btw... Brekka I just finished another run !
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No it's the way you carry yourself. You are the biggest hypocrite ever. You make fun of people saying they are stupid, yet you are typing in fragments, incomplete sentences, and improperly use "your" (versus you're*). You also make fun of how people don't have lives, yet you have 700+ posts on this forum and are 88 paragon. Then you ramble about how people have bad gear, yet multiple people state you died in their runs... but you turn it around and blame the other people...

Just rofl.

edit: I forgot to mention, you say you blocked me, yet you are still responding.
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