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the beast is released

LoL just for laughs , stacked whatever i could on my witch doc xD
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holy dps
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Get 5 stacks of GF instead of Blood Rit.
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sick skorn u have
11/16/2012 08:26 PMPosted by MartinAlvito
Get 5 stacks of GF instead of Blood Rit.
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I don't know if I'm reading this right, but does this guy have 1,586,580 DPS on paper?


I compared his stats with yours, and there shouldn't be this much a discrepancy AFAIK. The only stat he really blows past you is in INT, as he has about 500 more, and ATK SPD, about 10% more (imo that's a lot). You actually have more crit dmg than this guy.

This means the huge discrepancy is either an error (is my browser not displaying correctly?) or it's in how he specs his WD and how he stacked all his buffs before he exited game?

I don't know; would like to know how that guy I linked does it.

EDIT: Just realized, he has 500 more INT than you from his gear and stuff, but below it says he has a total 6000 INT so yeah...hehehe 6000 vs 3500; is that enough for the 1 million DPS? Must've buffed everything to the max before exiting.
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I just WTF'd in my pants
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i didnt use healtglobes nor did i stacked as much ias as him haha xD
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gear says 495 vit but the stats say 1595 vit or something, how? and btw sick !@# wd
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