Diablo® III

What Elite Pack Would You Hate to Fight!

reflect damage, reflect damage, reflect damage and reflect damage
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Any blood clan occulists. They're the stupidest addition to this game. They buff each other up almost immediately then run like little pansies. I just skip them because they're a waste of time.
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lol, quanno.

nice one steak n cheese

and nice point you made starwolf at small quarters combat. a good bonus.

now guys remember, try to add a monster as well to the affixes, to provide variety. saw a few who didnt list, just wanted to point that out.
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Leapers with Reflect Damage, Vortex, Waller, Desecrator
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A3 Tremors with Hell Basher minions (Keep depths level 3). They do insane damage. w/ Frozen Vortex Arcane Enchanted Fast.

You try to jump out of the Freezing area, they'll suck you right back lol.
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nightmarish is the most hated affix by me
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Reflect Damage with anything else.
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Succubus, fire mage, blood clan occultist ( all that run away when you try to hit them) with FIRE CHAIN, molten, fast. I just skipped them since i can run like the wind.
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11/16/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Grimiku
There are some types of packs that I certainly favor less than others, but what I am finding to be the bigger culprit of craziness as of late is the rare instance that I stumble on to two packs with no over lapping affixes. Those tend to be some very interesting moments in gameplay for me.

I like how you guys comment on these useless threads yet won't make any sort of comment or even acknowledgement about the bot/duping situation.
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dont be hatin vagracyx, this thread isn't all that useless. it does peek an interest. thats why your here too. Im betting they dont know what to believe when it comes to certan threats. that is why they wont respond.
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90 Draenei Monk
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Invulnerable minions + any combo says hi
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i don't want to say.. it seems the worst combo affixes for any mob type ..seem to show up near the exit or near the entrance ..

playing a monk the mobs that run away /kite ..all seem to have molten illusionist ..

and i farm act the heart of sin .. to the collosuses like to be horde/extra health arcane ..so suddenlt there are 8 arcane sentries around me
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waller horde, and that minions has wall as well, so they spam walls on me like crazy and i can't attack at all
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any pack that runs away
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11/16/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Bottle
Burning Souls with Conviction Aura, Lightning Enchant, Extra Fast, and Spectral Hit (cold).

THIS! Before the nerf... ah, good times.
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Botting, Duping, Ignorance, Fanbois
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blood clan occultist no matter what the affixes are.
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