Diablo® III

Steal An Item From The Above Wizard Part II

@justice id take your dagger + triumv just to play around with some builds

not much else that would offer me an upgrade :/

@robohilbily prob same deal take your wep + offhand for some build variety

u beat my post by seconds :P so i did u both ^.^
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Skorn for archon runs hands down.
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Where to start with... Amu cuz its better then mine :) but your Chanatodo´s Force is IMBA !!!
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@ lolesch i steal ur Short Sword then feel bad and give it back. lol
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I forgot that i´m on an us-forum :)
Steal again of my eu-Wiz:
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ok well even tho i technically could never steal ur HELLFIRE ring thats what i want most on ur guy. my best rolls on my rings always gives me crit damage but thats it. i can never get attack speed or crit chance with my crit damage.
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@HELLING, probably your wand. I'm looking for a higher DPS wand black or not.
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11/18/2012 02:13 PMPosted by InvidGurab72
@HELLING, probably your wand. I'm looking for a higher DPS wand black or not.

Your amulet.
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^ would love that left ring
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@skyQuake - I will have your relentless, please and thanky you.
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@Leftnutt^ Primal Wraps
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Mara's for disintegrate fun

@ Skyquake

What the hell is an archon doing with the number two CM/WW relentless on the server =(

Sell me that! Lawl
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@Shandlar, omg ApoC chants! GIMME! You make me want to play CM wiz. :D

Edit: Am I allowed to steal more than one? WTF this guy's gear...!!!
Edited by Delfius#1437 on 11/21/2012 4:40 AM PST
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@ Delfius

I'll take that Hellfire Ring. The Lacuni upgrade was tempting too, but only because PUR is kinda nice to have extra.
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I'm taking your shoulders.....need to get me some more vitality
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prob your ring
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@ PRoc

Hmm, possibly your Andariel's. I might have to try one of those out again, though I like not taking extra fire damage.

If not that then your Trium; I've been interested in another APOC item so I can try out Mempo in place of Stormcrow.
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@NANJI would take your storm crow for those days when I want to use ap.
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@Lilspark I'll take that Witching Hour, been shopping for one... thanks much!
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@Vheox Skorn to try proper Archon
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