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ISO: WD Knowledge Bombs

NOTE: My profile hasn't updated. I've upgraded my gems in my armor and my weapon, and my belt is now a 165/122 int/vita witching with 9 ias and 38 cd.

Alright, so... this might be a bit long but I've got a bunch of questions I need help answering and instead of making a thread for each I decided to put all my questions into one.

First, let me start by giving a bit of background. I played monk since release. Farmed the HELL out of the game with my monk and about 2 weeks ago I decided to roll a new class, and WD always seemed so fun... I decided to roll with it.

I had saved up about 500m ahead of time because I knew I would be rolling a new char... and I built my WD with that gold.

I've been playing WD for about 2 weeks now, and I've got a few questions that I can't quite figure out on my own and I haven't seen any posts relating to them... and information has been hard to find online, so... HERE WE GO:

1. Is there a good build for soloing MP8+ ubers?

Currently in my profile (it hasn't been updated) I have almost 200k unbuffed DPS, with around 500k eHP. However, I have a 4 piece zuni set with a few swaps that brings my eHP up to 800k but drops my DPS to about 150k. Is this good enough stats to solo MP8+ ubers? What types of builds are people using for ubers?

2. Mana Regen - ISO numbers (Part 1)

I don't usually have mana problems in lower MP because I run Gruesome Feast w/ 20 pickup radius, and the globes refill my mana very quickly. I have about 75 base regen in my full DPS spec... but in my higher MP gear I have 4 piece zuni with 87.5 regen. When I run high MP I usually go with Blood Ritual, Spiritual Attunement, and Gruesome Feast. With 87.5 regen and those passives, I seem to have enough regen to keep the bears charging... but is it really necessary? Reply with some of your Mana stats and where / how you farm, please!

3. Mana Regen - ISO numbers (Part 2)

I've been trying to upgrade my offhand, but I got very lucky with finding a GODLY Uhkapian Serpent WITH mana regen... and finding an upgrade with mana regen is going to cost a fortune. Is it absolutely necessary to have mana regen on my offhand? I don't want to spend a bunch to upgrade this slot and then come to find out I don't have enough regen to run high MP without going OOM too often.

4. Rain of Toads

Why is it so popular? I've tried it and I guess I just don't understand how it works. Does the poison DoT stack per tick? I guess it would work pretty good with LoH, but I have no LoH in my gear so... does it defeat the purpose of using it? Also I don't like how it controls. I guess I need to see a video of it being used effectively to really understand where the power lies within.

5. Godly WD's of the world... How am I doing?

I feel as though my WD is in a VERY good place right now. I've kept my eHP around 500k (700 all res, 3.5k armor, 60k hp) in my DPS gear. Is there anything that I could be doing differently in my gear, that would be more beneficial? I see the top WD's on diabloprogress have like 300k eHP and 300k+ dps... but I feel like if I lose any more survivability I won't be able to do high MP. Right now, I can take 3-5 shots (standing still) from anything in the game. Have I gone too much survivability, and I have more room for DPS upgrades? Mainly, my left ring is where I've been trying to find an upgrade but I can't find anything for under 500mill WITH decent all res / vita... do I need those survive stats or do you think I can get by dropping 75k eHP?

Eventually, I want to get Mempo w/ crit... Lacuni's w/ crit... and MAYBE Ice Climbers (if I can find a good zuni offhand). In terms of endgame, am I headed in the right direction?


Sorry for the long post, but I just want to clear up a few things before I make any major changes to my gear / build. I'm not asking for essay responses... anything you can contribute would be great. I'm just looking to have a discussion that might help me clear my head and give me the confidence to take the next step as a WD.
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Bump, looking for some insight, please!
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Hi! Awesome WD i might say..

For higher MP's I'd suggest you go with more defensive passives: Bad Medicine/Jungle fortitude...then add a mana passive BR/VQ/SA.. and the last one is up to you... Spirit Vessel is good.

and I might say.. NOTHING ELSE Dishes out more damage than ZOMBIE BEARS.

You would might also want to use your summons.. Dogs and Garg as they provide good meat tanks. Leeching beast and bruiser for stun.

I am an average WD but I think my advice is general knowledge for WD's....

So, with that... WELCOME TO THE WD WORLD :D
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Also I just wanna say...your gear is best suited for Bears build. If you want to use AC, 2h weapons (Skorn) is best.

For your mana problems, Use Widowmakers as your primary and with VQ passive. That would make a good steady rotation for your Primary + DPS skill....

EDIT: because i dont want to post another..

Your current passives work efficiently only for low MPs. PTV is counter productive. GI and GF better for lower MPs to since we can kill faster in lower MPs...Higher MPs are a different story though... :)

I hope all these help :)
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Ok, let me try to help you out a little bit.

1. I have not solo'd any ubers thus far, so i can't give you an idea of what would work. But I can tell you that the build I am currently using allows me to keep bears flowing at mp 8 ubers almost constantly.

2. For lower level mp farming your build really doesn't matter too much as long as you are killing fast. I like to use my Manajuma's and Totd along with, GI, GF and SV/BR like most people use.

3. You don't have to have as much mana regen for the lower mp levels, but I would say yeah keep the mana regen for ubers, you don't want to be waiting for your mana to refill. If you're doing that than you are pretty much dead.

4. If you have no LOH than RoT is a waste to use IMO. People like it because you can cast it over walls and it works with VQ. I like to use widowmakers with VQ for the extra mana.

5. Your EHP and gear overall is awesome. If you are focused on doing high mp's and ubers most of the time than i would be weary of stacking to much IAS.

6. Don't use PtV :P haha
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A couple tips for high MP ubers:

(1) Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls is VERY effective after you learn to stack them by aiming correctly. Much more so than Bears or AC. I use AC just for the LoH (and my 61% crit). Oh yeah, Lob the Blob stacks while AR doesn't making it better for Ubers imo.

(2) I also equip hex - jinx just because it makes the Zoltun Kulle fight so much easier. Hex his !@# constantly. The other fights are easier.

(3) Pets really help. Leaching Dogs and Restless Garg are my personal fave. I let them tank and rainbow Well of Souls alllllll day.

Spirit Vessel - Jungle Fort - Blood Ritual


SV - to save you from a wipe
JF - to help your pets stay alive until recast
BR - Has better mana management than the other mana helpers (see all the other post on the topic)

My setup for MP8+ looks something like this
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2) If you want to keep your high IAS and spam Bears on high MP levels, you'll want all the mana you can get. Globes don't pop as often when you aren't killing instantly, so you'll probably want to swap Gruesome Feast out with a mana passive.

3) It all depends on if you want to use Bears or not. If you are going to spam Spirit Barrage you can get away with less. If you are going to spam a primary and use Bears in between, you don't need to worry much about mana. But for spamming Bears every little bit counts.

4) Rain of Toads is a better skill than Splinters in almost every way. It has a built-in attack speed bonus of 1.5x which puts its damage a hair beyond Splinters. This also gives it a faster animation. It hits instantly (good for barrels), and lastly it's AoE which may be the most important part. The only advantage Splinters has is that it's not a 3-second DoT like RoT is. Edit: OH, RoT also stacks (as you asked), and has by far the highest proc rate of any spammable skill.

If you can't tell, IMO RoT is the best low-mana skill available and it's not even close. Spiders do good damage but they are single-target. Darts do less damage than Spiders and have no advantage that I can think of. All versions of Firebomb have weak damage. You can use Pyrogeist as supplemental damage but otherwise, avoid them.
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how much mana/sec do you think 2h skorn Acid Cloud WD need ?
80? I would like to avoid Zuni full set if I could.
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how much mana/sec do you think 2h skorn Acid Cloud WD need ?
80? I would like to avoid Zuni full set if I could.

My answer is always "as much as possible". You can get away with just about anything if you start stacking VQ, Widowmakers, Blood Ritual, Honored Guest, Sacrifice/Pride, etc. The thing is, those are all valuable skill slots being taken up. Your best bet is to go out and try to play the way you want to play. If you run out of mana, gear up.
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