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Lousy Legendary drop rates this weekend...

11/18/2012 11:50 AMPosted by ChaosDK
Understandable that RNG is RNG. Also it is random if you have a steak of bad luck. However if multiple people report that legendaries has dropped since last week. Wouldn't that raise suspicion that something is wrong? I know others say the sample size is not big enough, but what about multiple people farming the same act for hours and they all report a decrease.
Selection bias. People with unlucky streaks will disproportionately come to forums to complain and reinforce each other in a thread or two.
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I don't hear complaints during the week. All I hear is how much drops people are getting etc etc.
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Two days I had no legendary drops. Yesterday I got a blackthorn's surcoat and Inna's radiance on the same run. Today, absolutely nothing.

RNG man.
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I have found more legendary's the last couple days then I have ever seen yet.

Wut iz RNG?!
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Drops are fine. I went up 4 paragon levels and got over 20 legendary/set pieces in the process. Only 4 will actually make it to the GAH not as brimestone. The drops haven't changed at all.
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IK Helm, 300th spear, Andariels, 2x strong arm bracers, and a few others I turned to brimstone. Seems to be fine to me.
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Played almost every day this week and got nothing until today. I'm on my third run right now and I've got one 4 legendaries (lamentation, echoing fury sun keeper and Sledge of Athskeleng). The Sun Keeper will probably go for more than a million and teh echoing fury is still unidentified. The rest is little better than vendor trash. But still, much better than the rest of the week.

Edit: Echoing Fury turned out to be good. Hoping for a few million. Also found Dnaeta's respite and a Death Mantle Watch (brimstone)
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I don't believe in math.

Had 4 Sultan's drop in 4.5 hours yesterday.And today i was lucky enough to get 3 Stormshields within 30-35 minutes,oh and 2 Azurewraths and 2 Vizir's 5 minutes from one another.

I should start flipping a coin to see how many heads in a roll i can get.
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I'm with the OP. This weekend, and a few days before was terrible. I went from p39 to p41 with not a single leg drop. Unprecedented. Then I finally got one.. from opening a chest no less, haha.

Btw, I was playing with a friend who got THREE Strongarm Bracers in 1.5 hours. Either RNG is broken, or he just kept three un-id items in his inventory to mess around.. but I really doubt it was the latter.
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I played all day today and got six legendaries: maximus, grandfather, skorn, mempo, and two crappy sub level 60 items I don't remember the name of.
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11/18/2012 11:16 AMPosted by walk2k

Well.. Google gave me this link when I searched for your phrase.
I guess you can read about it there.

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You're running MP7 with low DPS thats why you dont get any in hours.
Someone running MP0 in an hour with a bit of MF would get more legendaries.

Besides, what are you running with? Most likely a barb.
BTW, i love your shoulders :3
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heard blizz had to tune down the leg/set drops due to people gearing up too fast. iirc there was a blue post regarding that. go figure. no i do not have the link
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11/18/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Ender
Of course you don't.

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I'm guessing you're new around here, allow me to explain.


5 hours ago

yeah keep saying that until you find yourself not affording for your next upgrade
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11/18/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Gunny
I'm usually good for 4-6 drops in a 3-4 hours of play. Since yesterday, I've dinged 2 Paragon levels yet zero drops. Not complaining, just wondering if others are experiencing this or am I just really running some really bad luck.

Same here.
There are several other threads on the EU which suggest that the drop rate has been reduced as of recent, here is my thread on the matter:
There are several other threads on the EU which suggest that the drop rate has been reduced as of recent.
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bobby kotick has recently admitted that he personally changes the drop rates every morning
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