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help! i keep dying!!!

im playing mp3 act 1 right now, and i keep dying!
can anyone tell me if my skills sets are right? i copied it off another player and instead of ZB i use Plag of toads which better with mana. but I just won't survive, i die a fw times each fight, and it's annoying!
also, my gears, are they look about right or should i upgrade?
can anyone tell me?
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Here's my opinion, based on the fact that I think many battles are lasting quite long, like over 30 secs.

1) I only see ~300 Life on hit total, on your ammy. If you use Toads/Acid you will notice a huge difference in increasing your LOH.

2) I would swap Jungle Fort. for Bad Medicine since you are using Toads/Acid, and you will get 20% dmg reduction instead of 15%.

3) Try swapping Horrify::Stalker to ::Frightening Aspect. The 100% armor boost for 8 secs should help you survive.

4) I would swap Soul Harvest::Vengeful to ::SoulWaste, since it seems the battles are lasting longer, so you won't need to worry about re-buffing in the middle of a fight.

5) Gargantuan::Bruiser might be better for you, since the 2 sec stun can really help for survival.

6) I don't think Grave Injustice passive is the best for you if you're worried about survival and battles seem to be lasting quite long. You won't see any benefit in a prolonged fight unless the elites have illusion skill.
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You could also try MP2 if youre dying multiple times per fights in MP3.
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Unless you're actively using your movement speed skills, I'd also recommend swapping them out until you get comfortable with how your build is supposed to work. I know when I swapped builds to a copy of someone else I was very ineffective at making sure I was using the tools that were available to me.

Also, just like TylerT said, dropping your MP to a level where you're basically 1-2 shotting things will greatly increase your efficiency which would make your XP gains, gold gathering, and drop rates go up. As far as I'm aware some people that even break 100k on the paper doll stats stick to mp0-1 just for efficiency sake.

Personally, I'm just starting out with WD too and my damage is still pretty pathetic, but I'm having a blast in mp0. No shame in that.
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You definitely need life on hit and also possibly life steal on your weapon to survive.
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I will drop to mp2, I have no problem killing mobs and fairly quick I say, just whenever I get hit I die. I sometimes get stuck on wall and freeze which means death. Wish I can take more hits.
But I will find some LoH and LS see if makes a diff. Any gear suggestions?
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You have great Crit chance but you crit dmg is sorta low, check for rings gloves that provide some crit damage.

Also agree on the life steal and/or Life on Hit. Both would help.

I farm mp1 pretty quickly get more exp pts and drops that way.
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Just my humble opinion...

Gears change (base on your main attack skills such as Acid clod and ZB):
1) Change your andariel's to a Zuni helm with >100 vit + life %.. fairly cheap nowadays probably less than 3m will net you a decent one.
You lose out on DPS from the att spd and crit chance but you gain much Intel (your current andariel is DEX!!) and also Max Mana
Not to forget the first set bonus of 130 Int

2) Change your right ring got a cheap zuni pox with vit. base roll All Resist of zuni ring are pretty good..
Set bonus of 55 AR + zuni ring of 65 AR = 120 AR
Considering your Andariel of 70 AR, u have a net gain of 50 AR
(you lose out on AS and CC on your right ring, AS is just paper dps for now and considering you are using a 1.4 att spd weapon, not much difference)

3) Change your boots to any zuni boots
You completed the Zuni Set!

4) Replace your glove with CC of 8 and CD of 30+.. gloves are generally offensive slots so defensive stats like Vit and AR may be expensive depending on the combination.

5) With your current high AS weapon with low base dmg, your acid cloud and ZB probably arent hitting hard enough to clear of mobs fast.
You can consider getting a spear or mace with lifesteal and CD.
You will hit harder and gaining more health back at the same time.

6) Optional upgrades:
Belt with higher Vit and life%.
Higher base dmg offhand.

Point to note: if you able to find some pieces with + armor, dont neglect those stats too!

as for your skill choice, you probably can switch out Horrify with Dogs if you need some tanking off them... i always find garg is a little lacking in pulling aggro..

if you find yourself stucking in situation from time to time while waiting for cooldown from spirit walk, change your Jungle fort to Spirit Vessel. you will benefit from a 2 sec cd reduction of spirit walk and also an emergency eject seat when things get sticky!

A long post.. hope it helps!!
Happy d3ing!
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@ OP

You should consider lowering ur MP level, ur armour and all resist and not to mention your HP is too low to be using bears (u need to be in melee range to use bears), your stat does not support that in MP 3...30k life at 3k armour and 300 AR just makes u dead in probably 2 hit if not 1?

Up ur hp and armour a bit if you want to use bears otherwise if you want to stick to being at range with acid cloud, use rain of toads and remove bears and load up on LOH to help you survivie, but with that health pool you are not gonna make it far in MP3
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Save money , bring the mp down to 2 dont listen to the rest and waste ur money. I do mp5 now and I took my time. Found a few nice items to sell and BOOM! Mp5 here I come. There's a lot of high DPS folks out there that prefer to farm mp2 and 3 . So dont sweat it , just learn to find it fun.
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Dropped to Mp2, didn't mess with my gears yet, I might get a new weapon and helm with Int instead of str lol, changed my skills a little, have not reflect to my profile yet. But it's working. I can kill Mp2 act 1 mobs super fast. Loving it again, hahaha
I found all my gears I wear so far, so try to stay that way. But might AH a weapon (the set weapon starts with a M.... Looks good and its not too expensive)
Any suggestions on that?
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Complete the Zuni Set & get some more LoH. I can do MP3 no problem with no worries of dying. MP5 is where I'm having trouble now.
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Get rid of the Andarial's helm.

Look, I like a good Legendary helm as much as the next guy. But, for those with Budget Builds (i've been there), Andarials' increased fire damage is going to kill you. Often.

It isn't quite as bad for us as it is for Monks and Barbs who have to stand in molten and desecrator, but we still get stuck in pools of fire often. And if you don't have huge survivability, then 24% INCREASED damage against you is going to hurt, and hurt badly.

Look for a new helm. Just a rare, even.
+100 INT
+50 or more All Res
+Crit Chance

The attack speed is nice, but you can do without it.

Also, swap out the passive Blood Ritual with Spirit Vessel. It will greatly increase your survivability.

Just my 2 cents.

PS: With my stats, I farm MP5 solo.
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Yes I plan to change my helm and weapon. I don't have much gold left so those are cheap fr what I see on AH.
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Another question?
Which follower you guys use? I use Templar for tanking the mobs.
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looking at ur templar seem like he might die quite often if not more often than u do, which will make him suck as a tank...

follower gets 4 times bonus for stats i think, so if u stack him out with vit/str item he might pass as a last resort tank...i prefer the scoundrel...just pass him a cold bow and he is a great crowd controller, the chill he does is great and not to mention he provides crit chance...if u can deck him out in windforce and a cold SOJ/ Elitch he is golden...

manajuma knife without socket are dirt cheap now probably ones with 900 dps are around 1 mil, worth it as a cheap upgrade until u have the dough to get those with sockets or echoing fury

my 2 cents...
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