I jsut want to clarify something :

I am not saying to nerf barbarians, and am far from that position, but I think Wizards should maybe get some re-consideration.

As for other classes compared to barb, I dunno. I think the best way to do so would be to make suggestions :

Glass Cannon : could we get more than 15% increased damage if we are to lose 10% res and armor. A glass cannon IMO could be 40% increased damage, - 10% res and armor.

Magic weapon, blood magic : could we get more than 1.5% Life steal? 3% would sound decent IMO.

Archon : Maybe we could reconsider the starting buffs. Maybe something like, Archon can t get interrupted? Archon is flying, can t get hit by plague, molten, dessecrator? Movement speed? Change the criteria to permanently stay in Archon? Maybe get each kills adds 2 seconds? A button to cancel Archon to get back to normal mode? Or just show all Icons on bottom of the screen, cuz sometimes I can t cancel it without cancelling other buffs...

Energy Twister : I am okay with the proc coefficient, really. But damage seems a bit low for a skill that costs 35 arcane. Wicked wind needs the enemy to stay in it, the other ones are randomly moving. Storm chaser had a proc of .500 in 1.04. Everyone switched to this one when you nerfed WW. Now, everyone s back to WW, since the proc coeff is the same. Besides, using something else than Energy twister would be nice, but nothing is as close as efficient.

Sparkflint : Maybe we could change this one too. I have no suggestions for the moment, but I feel a Wizard s familiar could be a bit more interesting.

Energy armor : the nerf was okay, but it s still hard to use the other armors, even after you buffed em a bit. Liek Ice armor, the rune that gives 20% armor for each melee hit, up to 3 stack, could we make that melee or ranged attacks? add some resistances on it?

And there are all the other skills, some of which are rarely used. Like wave of force. And then there s also the passives. A lot of em are close to never used in any build.

And then I would like to see a bit more diversity than key runs, uber runs. It s great you added that, it saved the game with paragon level, but maybe events could be made cooler too. But Im gonna give you time for that.

And I understand why PVP isn t out, because we are far from balance, like in SC2, where you can kick asses with whatever race you pick and get good with.