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Have 150mill need 30k sheet DPS HELP!!!

Thank you all alot!

11/19/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Lithic
you could stand to lose about 7-9% ias atleast

Is this true? I thought 2.0 attacks per second was a breakpoint? If I am incorrect then 7-9IAS becomes sacraficial and i can squeeze a little more DPS into maybe a ring or something.


I can drop the attack speed increase on my main hand and get more DPS without much cost??

11/19/2012 05:02 PMPosted by reckS
Running the passive "Ruthless" will give you an instant 14k dps boost.

Yes ofcourse I can thorw down more damage utilizing skills,passives,buffs ect... I want raw DPS increase. - I run ruthless 90% of the time already

11/19/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Lithic
which opens up your belt for a pure DPS belt, such as witching hour or any good belt you find.

Valid point, I will look into one of these at a later date, will be good to swap in and out for ubers - NOT that i ever get to run my barb against ubers :(

Almost all of your pieces you have has those things on them, making it tough. Given that goal you set there, your way to get that 30k dps buff is going to be an additional of 300 str + 100% cd, assuming you keep your weapons, you have to spend 20 mil upgrading your green gem to gain 20%, your ammy is completely missing out on cd, getting additional 80% there while keeping everything else is hard, if you have to I would lose some vit to favor cd on the ammy, or even getting more str on that ammy too, if you go that route, you are looking at around 60 mil there for the ammy upgrade.

then the rest of your str bump can come from swapping out those huge vit chest / pants, get it with higher str even you lost some vit over it. those should not cost you a lot as you can sell your old ones out too, then you should still have a bit of leftover to upgrade all those 4 rubies to +54 at least.

Looks like the best all round solution so far!!

Chest I might go for high strength Immortal kings - allowing me to drop the belt in and out for witching hour in the future and still keep 2 piece AR bonus
Pants I might keep (dropping vit on ammy already a big HP hit)

Any flaws in my slighly rushed lunch break decisions?
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You can loose 3% ias on your main hand and 14% on your off hand and still be at the 2.0 swing. Main hand swing is 2.041 and off hand is 2.198. I would drop down the ias, pick up a mempo, crit/crit dam on the ammy is a must, ias on 1 ring, crit dam on the other.

I think that off hand is valuable enough that you could flip it for a good echo off hand which will add .25 to both swings.

That in turn will allow you to get crit dam on your gloves instead of ias as well.

A higher str ik chest is pretty much a must, unless you are going blackthorns, but then you need the 2pc.

I would have to run them through a calc, but i think a decent damage modifier on the rings adds more dps then the high str you have. Im almost positive. Do that on the ammy as well, unless the str is above 220.

I just found a witching hour belt that said it added 20k dps to my sheet. Its on the AH if you want it. 40m.
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11/19/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zaino
you could flip it for a good echo

how much was yours?
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just going thru this now, I found basic changes (+250 STR) gave about 8k DPS, +4% CC gave about 8K DPS. I'll be around 95k DPS @ 1.95 AS coming from 77k. It's rough numbers above, but primary stat has little influence; CC and AS have BIG influence. At THAT point, I need a new MH/OH but maybe next week :P I don't want to drop my last 100m on EF ATM...
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Zaino - Thanks for the amazing ideas I will add you tonight, just to say thanks again and some gold if you want it. Really Thank you!

I thought the d3up must be miss calculating something if anyone would care to double check?


This shows new offhand, gloves & ammy I plan to purchasing tonight

Something must be wrong with this calc... .??
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Thanks for the kind words. If you really want it done right, give the 150m to Ender or Acronimy, Dboy, to build you a better one. They know this stuff inside and out.

That said, my Echo is probably scoffed at by many, but as I sort through them looking for an upgrade, not many are worth the entrance fee of over 200 million. I only paid I believe 8 million for it when they first came out. I only paid 8 or 9 for my other weapon as well. I think im ahead of the game even though it is proving tough to break 300k buffed without 500m gold.

Dont pay attention to the BK weapon im using, its for mp5 speed runs.

This is the best one that I know of for WW barbs

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