I'm only 22 and have only been to a handful of concerts, but when seeing you're favorite band live for the first time, it's amazing. My favorite band has been Iron Maiden for almost four years now. I know they have been around for over thirty years but I was just not turned on to them until I was 18 (actually acouple weeks after the Somewhere Back in Time" tour which really sucked, but perhaps it was better that I missed that tour, it just made the next one even better). I live in Massachusetts (about forty minutes outside of Boston) so I live in an area where some pretty big names come. Well when I found out that Maiden was playing at the comcast center, I had to go. I had some complications in terms of getting a ticket but in the end it worked out. I had the best night i've had in a long time there. The music was awsome, ofcourse, and the people there were mad cool.