Diablo® III

Become a Dev for a day! Design your patch.

I've put a lot of thought into what I would like to see Blizzard impliment into my favorite game, heres a short list.

Take a quick read and tell me what you would change?


Blizzard Store
An in client store will now be open to everyone housing products and bundles such as:
  • Stash slots (or unlocked through high paragon level?)
  • http://i.imgur.com/WrJuch.jpg
  • Purchasable Wings ($170angle/$30blades/demonic?)
  • Essence auras (glow/trail around hero)
  • Top 3 Gem Purchases (Scaling)
  • Gold package purchases (Scaling)
  • New cosmetic flag stands and the large base of the flag ($2-10ea)
  • Added new Socket Imbuement item ($20)!
  • This item can be applied to any item without a Socket attribute, adding 1 socket to the item (easily un-bound from the item for no cost)
  • The addition of this item will lower the in game gold tag and decency to find/purchase Critical Damage + Socketed weaponry, or perhaps just make that amazing item you have been saving for so much better
  • Maximum 1 per account, not trade-able
  • Many customizable cosmetic features will be available in the near future through this new system!
  • You can find the Blizzard store in the new ‘Customizations’ tab at the Auction house or at any of the new vendors in the towns of all Acts.

    Mechanical Changes
    • Skeleton King engagement significantly improved by reducing Leoric’s total HP by -15% and increasing the number of summoned skeletons by 60% (Showing the power of his kingdom)
    • 5 minutes into Public Games players will now be offered to vote to change MP of their run. You will be limited to vote as high as your paragon/10. The result will be the rounded lower average of the votes and current Nehalem valor is conserved.
    • Major graphical changes have been made to all tornado and cyclone animations and effects. We have made these spells far more transparent subtle bodies thus; you can now easily see the floor-effecting spells during fights!
    • Act 3 now carries onto Act 4 without resetting Nehalem valor to account for low Act 4 elite counts (part of act reward balance)
    • Under-used, non-viable and bad synergy spells/ passives have been buffed, tweaked or reworked to massively boost the variety of gameplay across all classes. We will constantly be monitoring and adjusting the changes to give massive variety in viability on late-game and progressive gameplay and play-styles.

    Monster Power (MP)
    • Inferno Act 1 (mostly), Act 2 and parts near the beginning of Act 4 under effects of MP1 or higher will vastly have the number of normal and elite mobs increased, this is an attempt to balance all Acts for viably farming for all paragon and skill leveled players!
    • MP levels now have increased chance of finding legendary Drop scaling exponentially in the form of: MP1=0.5%, MP5=2%, MP10=10%.
    • Use of MP6 upwards will see 1-2 new spells added to most major boss fights (SK,Butch,Magda,Kuel,Belial,Gom,Seige,Sin,Asmodan,Rakanoth,Izual,Diablo) including Ubers, creating a new challenging experience for those brave enough to seek it.

    Loot and Item system
    (Also see 'Monster Power’)
    • Currently end of Act boss fights are hardly seen to be worth incorporating into high level farming runs, this patch will not see the number of items dropped increased, but rather vastly heighten the chance of higher stat rolls on the items which do drop (enjoy!)
    • As Act 4 is mostly based upon killing Diablo's warlords, with little emphasis on elite/unique mobs; all mini-boss fights will drop 2 additional epics than normal (under 5NV)
    • Item stat attributes which are considered trash or unworthy will be reworked into groups which act as a single attributes on items giving multiple effects (buffing these attributes as a whole and making them more viable to slip into your gear)
    • Paragon level will now effect stat rolls on items more so than the quantity of items found (e.g, level 80 paragon pushes the chance stat rolls towards the top 80% of rolls possible for all attributes the item has)

    New Features
    • Target practice dummies have been added to your main town in all Acts! Some quick details:
    • The dummy will emulate an enemy of equal defenses to your current level (lvl63 for lvl60 players)
    • These practice dummies will take the average damage per second taken over the last 10 seconds from your hero and display it in place of a health bar
    • http://i.imgur.com/3sK71.png
    • Viewing items on the auction house now shows how these stats would affect your current hero! (sorry for not having this on release)
    • http://i.imgur.com/9ffMGh.jpg
    • A new 'Player Guide'/help tool has been implemented into the in game! Accessible via in-game menu containing features such as;
    • Awesome illustrated overview of each class and the basics of goals to effectively level and gear.
    • A quick and easy guide to understanding what item stats and attributes do for your Hero. This includes some explanations into some of the less intuitive math involved (elemental damage (>_<))

    • Added milestone achievements for high level MP (Defeated ‘X’ 100 times/ 1000 Elites killed on MP10)
    • Ground breaking world first achievements will now be announced globally
    • Champions (or group of) whom are first to difficult achievements have become immortalized in the ‘Achievements’ tab beside their respective feet

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • Classes:
    • Monks; gain 0.5 passive spirit regeneration per second. Nothing worse than a broken spirit and depressed Hero ;;
    • Demon Hunters; Really unable to pull their weight under the same budget as any other class can :\
    • *COUGH* Offline Lan *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH*

    Stay tuned for announcements on the upcoming PvP arena/battlegrounds and PvE mini-games in the new 40 player population interactive cities of Liberated Caldeum Palisade and Sanctum of Bastions Summit!

    We are always striving to create an extremely rewarding, fun and social experience for all our players.

    Everyone involved in the creation of Diablo 3 and this patch feels that with this release we have made not only a great leap towards this goal, but placed the first step of foundations towards a highly sustainable, social and rewarding 'Free to Play' release deep into the future.

    Sorry for bad Spelling and Grammar.
    (I submit any and all intellectual property of this and all posts I make here to Blizzard Entertainment)
    Link to Reddit:http://www.reddit.com/r/diablo3/comments/13f3k3/massive_improvement_bomb_on_battlenet_take_a_look/

    TL;DR? Thats fine, leave your Diablo 3 Suggestions!
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    Drastically increased exp and chance of legendary drop in HC.
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    11/18/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Rangermuffin
    Take a quick read and tell me what you would change?

    11/18/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Rangermuffin
    Take a quick read

    11/18/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Rangermuffin
    quick read

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    remove 100% rare drop from killing elites with 5 stacks. now each stack gives you 10% mf. now caps to 10 or 15 or even 20. Decrease chance to roll useless affix or remove them all together, aka increase quality. allow a very small chance for a rare drop to be better than a legendary/set item. remove lvl 59/60/61 gear (not rings/ammys) from mp4 and beyond. allow bosses/purples/goblins/elites to have a small percent increase in drop rate for rares/legendaries depending on how many stacks you have. for example, 10 stacks=1%, 5 stacks=.5%, 20 stacks=2%.

    remove movement speed cap or cap it at like 75%, 25% is way to tiny.
    increase overall movement speed by 10%
    allow boots to go to 24% movement speed
    nerf crit damage, keep CC the same
    increase CD of Sprint by .5-1 sec. perma wotb is silly and op. you can still decrease the cd of wotb but it won't be perma ignore CC like how it is right now.

    split each passives into more advanced passives. for example, each passive now would split into 2 more specific passives and a player can chose every like 10 paragon.

    remove primary stat on paragon.
    allow disc regen/leech gear for dhs. almost impossible for dh to do high mp without nats set.
    more gems that can do things like slow, chance to stun, lifesteal, burn monsters in aoe, etc.
    make class specific armor STRONG.
    i would change owe, but its just too late for that.
    change useless runes.
    loh/lifesteal/mana leech on pets OR remove reflect dmg from pets
    change thorns into % HP or % Maximum HP
    same with bleed.

    make elemental enchanted weps actually do something. cold-freeze/slow , fire-explode aoe after death, poison-poison nova after death/lifesteal.

    ability to socket unsocketed gear by using legendaries and brimstone. for example to socket lvl 62 you would need 2 lvl62 legendaries or higher or 1 lvl61 and 1 lvl63 legendary and like 50-100 brimstone or something. you would the pieces to create the horadric cube for the blacksmith or gem guy.

    make those unique affix's specific in what they actually do not "chance to fight thru the pain" or "haunts a enemy".
    put Ping or a ! mark on the big map for legendary/rare drops. pings on the minimap stay constant and wont disappear unless you go near that location.
    Flags can be ported on. for single player, you can set your flag as a checkpoint so if you die, you don't have to walk all the way back. make this have a CD of like 10 minutes and after you tele on the flag, it goes away.

    can dye legendaries now

    fix small things like immortal king helm to actually cover back of the players head. redesign ugly legendaries like vile ward and nats helm.
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    Yeah, Would be nice for them to make those spells or passives you cant ever see a use for buffed or changed somehow.
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    kick anyone out of the game who idles for more than 5 mins (bots do this)
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    Yes! or prompt a group "Vote to Kick" when anyone tries to use it.
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    Offline lan would open up the game for cheating through save file modification.
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    Oh absolutely, I would simply ask for a separate off-line profile similar to what was in Diablo 2.

    Playing from New Zealand I very rarely see under 300ping, at peek times its unplayable for about 3 hours (1100-3500ms), Its great we can play freely with people across the world, but what about my best friends across the lounge? :\

    This is essentially the reason many of my friends don't own the game lol, but you are right, it's very doubtful blizzard will budge of this.
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    in b4 "PVP"?
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    - Crafted ilvl 60-62 items can now roll lvl 63 affix

    - Added plans to create rings and amulets.
    - Added new legendary, "Ring of Many Facets"

    - Rings of Many Facets
    -- One Random Attribute:
    ---- 170-200 Str/Dex/Int/Vit
    -- One Random Attribute:
    ---- 60-70 Arc/Poi/Fire/Cold/Phys Resist
    -- 60-70 All Resist
    -- +3 Random Modifiers

    The lvl 63 affix roll would make crafting a LOT more useable.


    NV Stack:
    - Act 4 Aspects will now contribute to NV Stacks.
    - All random spawn Unique monsters will grant one stack of NV.
    - Added Set rings to new sets for mid-high levels.

    - Potion of Treasure Finding
    -- Unique
    -- iLvl: 63
    -- Duration: 30 Minutes
    --- Increases Magic Find and Gold Find by 50%. Increases Legendary drop rate by 5%. This increase exceeds normal cap on MF/GF through items, paragon, MP and NV Stacks.
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    Added new Socket Imbuement item ($20)!
    This item can be applied to any item without a Socket attribute, adding 1 socket to the item (easily un-bound from the item for no cost)
    The addition of this item will lower the in game gold tag and decency to find/purchase Critical Damage + Socketed weaponry, or perhaps just make that amazing item you have been saving for so much better
    Maximum 1 per account, not trade-able

    I was concerened until you added the "1 per account, non trade-able". This would be an amazing solution. But then people would complain about only having one. >.<
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    I was concerened until you added the "1 per account, non trade-able". This would be an amazing solution. But then people would complain about only having one. >.<

    Haha, I'm currently complaining about having none! :p

    Also nice potion design, possibly purchasable, or createable from rare items in low monster powers for when you decide to man mode mp10 with mates.
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