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Playing Diablo 3 without AH, the solution

Developers of Diablo3 had in mind that some people would play diablo 3 and gear itself without AH and others would use AH.
But, I can't think of anyone not buying a single item from AH.
You just can't progress without the use of AH. It would take you ages to find good items so you could go to the next MP level and hopefully, one day, craft that hellfire ring,
So it makes the game a bit boring, selling and buying items so you could buy that one item you always wanted. It's like stock traders at Wall St.

Let me just say, I do not want to be a stock trader! I bought Diablo 3 hoping for a good item hunt. And what do I get, after 200+ hours, 3 worthy items(which I did not sold). And yes, I used AH, because I could not find any good items.

So, all of you are gonna start calling me names, laughing at me.

"Look at this whining guy, shut up and play."
"Not another weirdo complaining about drops with his tinfoil hat."

Well, instead of me just complaining, I will propose one solution for this problem.
Let there be a mode without AH, so when you enter that mode and play the game, MF jumps radically and you find better items, but there is a catch. When you find an item in that special "Without AH" mode, you cannot sell that item, nor trade it with others, but it is instead account bound.
Since this will probably cause more legendary items to drop, I would forbid salvaging also, since that would give you a brimstone, instead you can only vendor it(with reduced price). Or, allow salvaging, but you can not sell items that you got from salvaging items(account bound).

I would like to hear your opinions about this.
Would you like to increase anything else beside MF in this special mode?
Would this mode be available only for characters that are level 60 or it would be available from level one. In that case would MF gradually rise as you level up?

Lets give Diablo 3 developers something to think about!
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Does anyone have an opinion about this?
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Too many modes not enough players. Although I've been planning to do this after I get my wd and wiz to 60
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the "play the game without the AH" is a misleading statement.

The developers designed the game with normal through hell being the "main" game and inferno just being "extra". So when they say that the game was designed to not need the AH, what they meant was normal through hell mode was designed to not need the AH, to which they are right.

What they surprisingly didn't count on was that inferno was going to be the bulk of the game, so when drops weren't tuned to need the AH in inferno, people became upset and Blizzard has been scrambling ever since.

That being said, your idea doesn't entirely fix the issue. Even IF your MF skyrocketed, the problem isn't that you aren't finding enough legendaries, it's that the legendaries can roll garbage affixes. Having massive MF just means you're finding crappy items at higher frequency. The affixes and itemization needs an overhaul for people to find stuff on their own.
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I have a solution without the AH it's called "Diablo 3 Offline" better hurry up Blizzard as I'm only charging .1% for using my idea and at $40 a pop and 10 mil copies sold you'll owe me only $400k. Thanks
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Read your post, makes sense but i think that what u suggested requires a major game overhaul which they will be hesitant to do.plus it might divert people away from the auction house. If everyone just found the items they wanted then why go to auction house.The game got frustrating for me too in inferno so i had to resort to the auction house(gah).AH also has its advantages.for e.g.. I could just search for my wind force bow for my dh online instead of waiting for it to drop(found someone selling it for only 1mil) so i could get back in the game and easily farm higher mps. but the effort being that i had to farm hard to earn the money to buy from the gold AH in the first place.So the Ah allows me to get the gear i want and get back to the action.I played D2 and it got equally frustrating.Im not that interested in farming the same acts repeatedly for the items that MIGHT drop .may as well get the gold while playing the game and buy what u want from the AH and watch your character progress faster.What interests me is the fight and challenge for completing higher difficulty levels and new challenges that blizzard makes available like infernal machine .the items are a means to an end.ill probably do the infernal machine quest not so much for the ring but for the challenge of fighting 2 ubers together and wether my character can handle it.Isnt that why we farm for items in the first place so we can defeat tougher foes? unless u use the rmah i dont think it defeats the challenge of the game. hope blizzards takes our suggestions into consideration
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!@#$ yea, no AH mode will be so much more awesome.
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