Hi all, selling all my gear.
One by one or all together is fine.
With SoJ on, I have 25% elite dmg and 24% spike trap damage.
With Amethyst Gems I have 60k life and ~500 All Resist and 106k dps with archery
I'm able to run MP7 pretty easily... just let the mobs come to you and spike trap them to death while maintaining gloom with night stalker.

I'll list reserves and BiN.
I'm in no big hurry to sell so bidding will end Weds night.
If Reserves are met, I will sell to you at that price if I get no other offers by Wed Night.

Res: 25 million
BiN: 40 million

Witching Hour
Res: 50 million
BiN: 70 million

Res: 15 million
BiN: 30 million

Res: 80 million
BiN: 100 million

Res: 35 million
BiN: 55 million

Res: 1 million
BiN: 3 million

Vile Ward
Res: 5 million
BiN: 10 million

Res: 3 million
BiN: 5 million

Res: 6 million
BiN: 9 million

Nat boots:
Res: 20 million
BiN: 27 million

Ring - the technique
Res: 5 million
BiN: 8.5 million
29-56 dmg
3.5 cc
open socket

I realize my profile isn't up to date so the SoJ is 6% elemental dmg (forget which but not cold), 25% elite damage, 12% spike trap damage
Gems not included.

If you buy it all I'll give a 10% discount
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