I'm not sure why exactly this happened but I was whirlwinding a champion pack and got de-synchronized from the server somehow.

On my screen I was whirlwinding away from the mobs (I usually kite out to large areas) but my character kept appearing to lose health. I also kept performing the same motion path of motion and getting rubber banded back. The mobs landed a freeze on my actual location (where I saw my character =/= where my character was apparently) - I barely survive, chug a pot, hit sprint and whirl out of there... same things happens again. I start taking hits, my character rubber bands multiple times and then finally death.

I lost my first barbarian in hardcore due to a very similar rubber banding experience at 38 with a frozen champion pack. I managed to try again and had excellent gear this time around - especially for a hardcore character.

I understand that lag, latency & server crashes can happen - and that's the risk we all sign up for with hardcore... but I having a bug that killed me 6 months ago kill me again really saps my enthusiasm for continuing playing.

Why is whirlwind so buggy? What part of your code is bogus that the server loses me and rubberbands me into death? How can a bug like this still exist? I have a decent geared softcore I can play in the meanwhile but I really was enjoying the hardcore economy and community compared to softcore.

I want to play hardcore, but I don't think I'm getting back on that boat. If the game isn't fixed after 6+ months of release I doubt it will ever be fixed - and that makes death absolutely inevitable even for the most geared and talented players.

I sincerely hope you guys look into whirlwind rubber banding and disconnects, its really not cool to have this happen.