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E. Arrow - Lightning Bolts Uber Viablility?

So everyone seems to be using Bola Shot-Thunder Ball for that sweet chance to Stun them uber bosses.

So.. why isn't anyone using E. Arrow - Lightning Bolts? I mean.. it's a guaranteed 1.5sec stun if you crit.. considering the fact that people have high Crit Chance..

Point is.. Thunder Ball + Lightning Bolts, wouldn't that really stun lock monsters?

Sure you'd have reduced damage output because of it but.. wouldn't it help more if you can just keep that enemy in place while others wail at something else? :)
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With 46.50% Crit Chance.. I could somewhat perma-stun monsters already with this..

Imagine how it'll fair if someone went to 72% Crit Chance just for that sole CRIT Chance to stun UBERs in place. :))

Well.. let's see how others and what others think about it.. ;)

Still, Ball Lightning is far out better in terms of farming though. This too pierces monsters and hits anything in a line.. and stuns them if they suffer from crit.
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More people use bola simply because it is free o.O
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With the introduction of CC Reduction of mobs/elites/ubers/bosses.. Bola really can't stun lock monsters.. as in STUN LOCK them that they won't be able to move..

But I think, if working as intended, EA-TB can actually stun lock monsters to the point that they can't really do a thing.. its dependent on your Crit Chance and APS though..

Yeah Bola is free and generates hatred.. I did say that using Bola + this might give you more STUN procs ;)
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I just tried it again in game.. you can really stun lock monsters if you happen to crit in between your first crit that stuns the monster and 1.5seconds after that.

If you have 2APs, you have 2-3 chances to stun them again.. more as your APS increases.

Kinda fun seeing monsters not doing anything ;)

EDIT: While stunned because you hit them and it was a Critical Hit, they'd get stunned.. And will get stunned again if you happen to hit them again with a Critical Hit.

This doesn't happen with Bola Shot though.. I think >_<
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