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Question about Nephalems

The heroes of Diablo II were normal humans who possessed great strength and courage to battle the hordes of hell, but they were human nonetheless.

We all know that some of these heroes are now tearing their scalp apart, gouging their eyes out while screaming horrendously from the madness of battling the Prime Evils. This is their consequence for facing such forces for too long.

Now we have the Nephalem, who are potentially more powerful compared to the angels of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells.

What could happen to them as they battle the forces of hell? Would they succumb to madness much like the heroes of the past or:

  • They become stronger as the Lords of Hell fall beneath their feet.
  • They become stronger but their minds twisted, and are now agents of chaos and destruction themselves. (Much like what happened to Zoltan Kulle)
  • Meh.
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    Humans (mortals) become nephalem the moment they realize the existence of their birthright (power) which can grow up over the power of both angels and demons.

    Angels seek to minimize the power of nephalems to maintain their crontrol over the mortals.

    Demons twist them to enslave and exploit their power.

    Lose canons like Zoltun Kulle are source for future sequel such D3
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    What could happen to them...any number of things...they could very easily become corrupted, by the hells, or they could could easily obtain the mantle of angels. They are not just potentially more powerful than angels and demons...they ARE more powerful. The entire reason humans arent nephalem is because of the worldstone, which is now gone. Any human born after the day of the Worldstone explosion has the easy chance to reawaken their nephalem birthright. In time...all humans born will become nephalem and we will then most likely choose our own destiny. We will either help the heavens and the Angiris Council, or we might aid in the conflict on the side of the Burning Hells Evils. We could even have a civil war amongst ourselves in the decision. And we could Even destroy both Heaven and Hell in order to free us of any tyranny that might try to control us. We will simply have to wait.
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