summary: using Teleport(!) you can't teleport through the waller affix.

example1: The monster has waller enchant, and casts a wall behind you, I try to teleport to safety. But it transports me to the wall not behind.
exampl2: The monster has waller enchant and casts a wall between you and him, you try to teleport to the monster in order to hit it, but you teleport to the wall not behind it.

I don#t know whats wrong there, teleport is supposed to teleport not run fast (vault, dashing strike). It has a huge cooldown of 16 seconds. Even a jump can "teleport" over a wall. There seems to be some heavy bug.

ps: I'm also very often stuck with teleport, or it doesn't teleport anywhere, because it's around the corner or there is a tiny stone inbetween... ?? the cooldown is ok, but this buggy collision-issues not.
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