Diablo® III

Actions are interrupted by monster attacks

Character actions are interrupted by monster attacks

What happening:
- when monster attacks me, any of my action is interrupted
- movement is interrupted (character just stuck for 1-3 seconds)
- defensive abilities wich don't use attack turn not working immediately (ignor pain, diamond skin activates after 5-6 buttons hits)
- any other abilities wich use attack turn not working immediately too (need to press charge/teleport 5-6 times to activate it)
- even my primary attacks is interrupted (i hold LMB and see a 1-3 sec pauses between attacks)

To tell the truth not every attack interrupts, but i think some percent of attacks causes interruption. May be 5% of all attacks interrupts or so. But it does not matter. When you're attacked by something with high attack speed you just lose control of you character. For example - fire chains causes interruption, espesially when you stand in a center of a triangle. Electrified affix interrupts, Whirling mobs in oasis interrupts by special whirlwind attack (especially when Illusionist). Even surrounded by lots of mobs i see minor interruptions (+Illusionis will help). As for me now the most hardest packs are - illusionist/electrified/chains, and they are hard not because of damage, but because of interruption.

How to reproduce this bug:
- you need good geared character with lots of armor and resistance just not to die instantly while testing.
- select MP1 or any other MP where you can survive standing in molten+chains pack.

- find any pack with fire chains affix
- don't do anythig against it (don't attack) - just try to run directly through chains. You will see that character will stop sometimes when crossing chains (movement interruption occures).
- stay in chains and try to use some abilities and see the reaction. You will see that sometimes abilities will not activate, even after several buttons hit (abilities activation interruption occures).

- Or find pack of Whirling mobs (Dune Dervish?) in oasis (act 2) with illusionist affix and just try to run around them, when they do whirlwind attack.

P.S. Sorry for my english.
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I confirm it.
Monster attacks interrupt most of the skills and attack animations.
Even skills like "Ignore Pain" and WotB that are supposed to be cast instantly are interrupted.
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