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Leg drop lowered last few days?

normally since patch 1.5 i found in each run a leg as a minimum and now since a few days i found no leg at all in 10 runs. yeah random random random, but it's strange since each run gave me a leg and since some days NOT ONE AT ALL!
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Random is random man. There is not a average drop rate. There are so may variables that are involved with item drops you cannot use your experiences as a scale. It is human nature to find systems within nature. But sometimes the system is just completely random.
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Over my last 50,000 drops I have received 85 Legendary Items. Works out to be about .17% (averaging 350% MF). That .17% has been fairly consistent also since Patch 1.0.5 has been released. They seem to come in waves for me. One day I get 6 or 7, other days I get 1 or 2 but it still hovers very closely to .17% at my average MF.

So no, I do not think they lowered the drop rate.
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i got paragon lvl 19 now and 339% mf. it just feels different since some days...

i dont have much time playing in the week so i play 1 hour in act 3 mplvl1 and choose the second heart as quest walk from arreat1 all through azmodan, last weel i always found 1 leg as a minimum.
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I agree with OP.
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I won the lotto once...
I stopped winning after that and I think there is something wrong here.

I mean won the lotto once doesn't that mean I'm supposed to keep winning it everyday now?

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It hasn't changed. Drops seem to come in streaks, that's all. Your results may vary, keep that in mind.
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Drops run on streaks. Did not get much for almost a week but brimstone trash and then the last few days some good items for my DH: 2 socket manticore, high Dex Natalya boots and 240+ Dex Andariel's Visage.

My main is a Wiz, so kind of sucky that it drops stuff mostly for my alt and not my main...
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