Diablo® III

Game is unplayable

Continual latency spikes ever since the server reboot this morning. It's on your end Blizzard, likely due to a bad server code push.
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I've noticed latency spikes when entering an unexplored area with mobs. The latency spikes last until the mobs are killed, then latency normalizes. It's as if the logic governing mob AI and drop rates is running on a separate internal server cluster that is being hammered or has run into some computation problem which has degraded the overall performance.
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Keep getting Disconnected, WTH. Yesterday was fine.
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"Here comes the mobs.. Lagged like hell then when the last monster left lag disappear!!! Funny D3"
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Game is still unplayable. Worked fine for months until the early morning server reboot.
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seriously, the game becomes unplayable especially with party. I find latency gets up to like seconds. I could look likeI'm still fighting yet, my party members have seen me dead, resurrected, and have moved on already. =___________=

I now constantly worried I'll get too much lag to party. This is very upsetting. I find that sometimes it works by exiting out of the whole program, and then reentering... but apparently that doesn't work either this afternoon
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Still unplayable today. I've tried 2 different computers, 2 different platforms (windows and mac), various audio and video settings, a fresh install of the game and also clearing the caches in the game folder and ProgramData folder (on windows). All cases exhibit the same problem: latency spikes.

I've done a rudimentary speed test which yielded a 16ms ping and 36mbps down/4mbps up. Somewhere along the path to your server it, or your server itself, is breaking down.
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