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@Yasmi Chantodo's will wand with a socket over 1000 dps 1.65 attack speed, 1.63 minimum
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You are halfway between CM and Archon gearing. You could maximize your CM performance by getting:

- IAS/CC%/LOH amulet
- Mempo/stormcrow helm
- Lacuni with CC% (really not worth wearing with out the crit OR big protection (armor/AR)

If you are an archon wiz normally disregard lol
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@blazers: Well considering your gear is already great, Armor and AR are at normal end game lvls and I'd presume by your ias ammt that your at the 3.01 bp, your life's high and you can't switch out much without sacrificing a lot of mitigation, only thing I'd say that will make at all a sizeable difference without nerfing anything would be a higher dmg os chants wand with 1130+ dmg and 1.65 aps but damn expensive. Your gears already awesome though so any increase will be small and ridiculously expensive.
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12/13/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Greatfull
@Yasmi Chantodo's will wand with a socket over 1000 dps 1.65 attack speed, 1.63 minimum

Thanks, but my wand has 1.65 speed, 1000 dps, and 93% cd. Plus it only cost me 30m, as opposed to similar wands on the AH for 100M and saved me from having to buy a 100cd gem!

I'm concerned about my defensive stats, specifically resists, but don't know where to really upgrade them as I spent most of my funds on the wand / offhand and need to keep the exact same IAS to maintain a 2.73 APS.
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12/13/2012 12:26 PMPosted by Diabolicman
I'd presume by your ias ammt that your at the 3.01 bp

only at 3.01 with enchantress for solo games and with slow time for ubers. I have inna's but dont want to wear them. Same situation as shandlar really, we are at the 1.65 weapon + 79% IAS. I could only get 2 more points of IAS on mempo and ammy, everything else is maxed so you can't make 3.01 without Inna's which is just brutal. Real oversight by bliz on that one!! So i suffer with 2.96 APS in multiplayer games when using port... sigh.

it is nice being at 3.01 with follower though, a lot of my game time is solo anyways and it does make quite a difference

EDIT - this is all assuming that you are using the sockets chants, obviously you can get to 3.01 aps without Innas with the IAS wand
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It's a shame that the only ias boots are garbage in all respects others then the ias, plus you'd lose nats cc. I've never really played around with aps above the 2.73 bp seemed like far to much effort to maintain that aps while trying to stack mitigation and such, we need shoulders with ias <3
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12/13/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Stormyknight
@ Yasmi, for those defensive upgrades your talking about, go with some Jousters with all resists or you could get it on your duncraigs or witching hour or tals chest, alot of your gear could have all resist instead of int stacking.

Thanks, the witching hour / tals / duncraigs with AR are very expensive though. I will look into jousters with AR!
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Max IAS / CD on Gloves
9% Innas
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Get similar gloves with all resist or vile ward with higher int and similar life%/vit.
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Stormyknight, your 917dps socket wand is killing you.... Given that you can't afford a 100% dps gem yet, you will be better off getting a chant wand with crit chances (rather than socket)....

So you can get a high DPS one with say, 60-70% crit damage for relatively cheap price... You will be surprised.

PS. I replaced my old wand which has lower attack speed (1.63) socketed wtih 100% gem to the current one to lose about 700dps.... But I had about 30mn left over + free green gem, totaling about 50mn leftover.

Good luck.
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Digging your gear set bud, good job.

Time for a new chant's set. Push you int 175-180k dps range but you already have good mitigation and 1500 LOH so nothing to worry about :)
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Your tals chest

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@Pillz, maybe add something with LoH (only saw one item +250LoH).

For me don't know what to upgrade next. Something survivability or offense? (Btw my budget is constricted)
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Ditch the mf and meteor. your build doesn't really cater to it. It really depends on how much your budget is. Prices on everything are dropping.

Black weapon and a triumvirate are dirt cheap. You should be able to farm much easier after you get that pair.

~My question is, should I go for Blackthorn's Jousting mail and CC/AR duncraig cross or a CC tal rasha's Allegiance? I have enough for one or the other.
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@KeyserSöze, as pretty as the vit roll on that Tal's ammy is, I'd swap it out for a rare with CC/ASI if you're going to stick with CM/WW. You'll probably lose some sheet DPS, but you'll make it up in much higher CC for more procs (= higher DPS multiplier and better permafreezing), and it might let you hit your breakpoint without help from bubble.

*edit* Just saw your question, was only looking at gear, sorry. Of those two, I would probably pick the BT ammy.

I recently picked up some budget CM/WW gear for uber runs and co-op (I usually run Archon), and I'm wondering if anybody can spot really cheap (like <1m) upgrades I should go for to shore it up.
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@ AS00, I'd say your amulet or right ring could use AR or VIT and INT as well as LOH.

I just started my wiz and so far the only pieces of ACTUAL gear I have are boots source weapon chest and helm until i can afford mempo.
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Blackthorne's Jousting Mail legs
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Upgrades for you would be small and expensive. About the only thing I'm thinking is maybe you could get some Sage gloves so you'd have all those stats plus some vitality.
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