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You really need AR on your gear. Witching hour/blackthrones/chest/gloves these should have significant AR if you can afford it.

This will also allow you to drop the energy armor and use storm.

Would be a huge DPS boost. I would address that first.
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@Jd007 Cant think of a item possibly better than what you have.
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Fully upgrade plx :P
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@nikolal I would upgrade your weapon to a one hander so you can use an offhand to increase your damage.
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Nikolal, you have a whole thread giving you advice, but what stood out is that you are new and are not sure of your build. I would get your crit chance to around 40% as cheaply as you can, sacrificing crit damage at the moment. also get your attack speed up. this will let you test out both archon and cm based builds at low mp levels and you can see where you want to go. honestly the most fun for me has been cm/meteor, but I've been running archon for a while to get some more paragon levels.

that said, a triumvirate and 'black' 1h weapon with life steal will probably be good, your going to need a faster attack speed if you want to try out any cm based build.

also your ammy. crit damage is not of much use to you right now. focus on crit chance and attack speed.
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oops, overlord snuck in while i was typing and got skipped.

zuni's ring with crit chance?
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You could replace your shoulders with a nice Vile Ward for fairly cheap. Or maybe a Storm Crow with crit chance.
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I'd probably get an 1100+ dps chan's wand.

The rest of your stuff looks pretty great for a windup wizard.
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Might see better returns with nat's reflection/boots. Looks like MF gear, though (shoulders and ammy) so ignore that if it is. :)
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I say equip rings with atk speed, just my 2c
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Dunno, some Lacunis pehaps?
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@fengz Can't tell if you are archon or WW/CM, but for archon you might want to get a zuni's chest.
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@kaniran A nat ring with cc
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Any particular opposition to Vile Ward? Your armor's on the low side. Don't forget Str counts towards armor, so on a defensive piece it's not a "wasted" roll.
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Pretty solid setup for sure. It appears you like to add a little MF here and there. I'd get rid of your current chants force for one that has 10 APOC and grab a mempo so you stash a gem it. Then again you'd be losing half your LoH so that'd have to be replaced on a ring or ammy. You could also add some AR by switching your gloves to tasker and theo with ias without losing any MF.
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@beef looks like ur mf setup if im not mistaken?

even so, i would think those shoulders could be a little better?
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Ah yeah I was doing some low mp MF last night. I switched it back to my normal get up.

@Morph, I dont play the archon build so much but I'm guessing you'll need a bit more LoH and CC to compete in higher MP levels. Also that ammy could use another stat (attack speed or cc) if/when you can afford it.
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Your source is extremely weak. You can get a 220+ avg dmg triumvirate for very cheap.
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Looks like some solid overall stats, I'd be looking to grab some pants and chest with +armor. Also that right ring with attack speed/cc is probably the low hanging fruit to upgrade. Search for similar items with better secondary stats, like LoH or maybe dmg
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good call on the trium ty.. it had gone unnoticed by me for awhile.. added 6k damage on a better one for real cheap..

@beef not bad man.. ur next upgrades are going to be rather expensive.. i would think more CD.. on maybe rings or those hands.. cant say im familiar with cm/ww but how close to the ias break points r u? might be worth considering but without losing any of ur existing stats...

again for myself, im wanting to remove my tals armor for zunis, for the improved Vit/Ar.

Any other suggestions welcome..
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