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Customizing the friends list?

Just had a thought about this today, I don't know if we can already do that or not... but i would like to be able to customize my friends list into folders or categories.

You see i have RL mates who no longer play but i know a few will pick up the expansion and play again, I have other mates that i meet through totally random multiplayer, and then there are the folks from this forum. Anyway it's getting confusing... and i hope i don't offend anyone but i'm starting to forget who some of the folks are in my list because there are some i see often and other who i don't really see but they are all in the same online/offline list.

So if i was able to put people into categories or folders i would know, hey this folks from the forums are online, these RL folks are on and so on just basically helping me remember who is from where and how i know them.

So what do you folks think of it? is my memory just getting rusty or would this be something others would like to be able to do as well?
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I personally wish they would do more with the friends list, be it categories or something else. I'd love them to add notes like WoW has, so many people I meet from different places or the forums or such and I can't remember everyone!(I'm sorry).

Some simple changes here and there would make things easier and for the love of god let us delete people from the recent players list! god I hate that thing.

But for now I guess blizzard have bigger fish to fry *nudge nudge wink wink*
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lol I see what you did there, very nice ;) haha considering all the other 'change this' 'do that' posts I see, they have their work cut out for them lol

I gotta say tho I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who is loosing track of his friends list. The notes thing is a neat idea it would really help out the old grey cells in the memory department. That recently met list makes me shudder too.
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