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MP 4-5 Barb Needs Help Progressing

I'm currently doing MP 4-5 and I'm trying to gear up better but I'm having trouble deciding which upgrade I need most. I just got my first Hellfire ring and didn't roll a very good one, but it was still an upgrade over my old one. I'm thinking I need more life as I leach a good bit with Rend, but if I don't get my rend off in time or I just take a whole lot of damage, I'm either dead or close to dying. On MP4-5, I may only die once a run and usually because two-three packs spawn on top of another or I get unlucky combo (frozen, waller, jailer, etc)

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I only have about 5 million gold so completely changing builds (DW or SnB) is probably out of the question. Thanks.

My gear and build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cwagmire-1724/hero/79032
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The real obvious one to me is that you need sockets in chest and pants.

I prefer running Revenge to Overpower - I feel like the AoE damage is suited to the Rend style of Barb... you get surrounded, Revenge procs, you get nice damage + healing. I also like the Best Served Cold for increased CC. I know Overpower does this too, but I feel like Revenge is more consistent. When stuff goes down, revenge is constantly up giving CC and healing....

I never found armour to expensive to get in addition to other stats - might just be me - but if you can add the armour, switch to impunity of WC, then you can dump superstition and trade in for blood lust.

I'd also throw out there that WotB can be very nice with rend since damage boost also equals life leech boost. In sticky situations, it can be make or break. I never liked using IP very much, maybe this is one you can switch.

ps - if my profile hasn't updated to show off my new IK pieces, then you can see the gear I ran mp4-5 with. I didn't ever "farm" those levels as my dps was too low to make it worthwhile, but I could get away with key runs without dying more than 1 or 2 times...
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Cwagmire - I suggest you lower the MP to 2 and start building up a budget - spend in blocks of 2 to 3 million gold.

You are missing some crucial stats on some items - overall - your buffed resistances should be 550+.

Here are my observations:

1) Shoulders are fine

2) Try to add all resistances to helm

3) Gloves are adequate - but try to add IAS and CD,

4) Try to add vit to bracers

5) Rings can do with more CC/CD/IAS

6) Pants and boots are adequate for now

7) Belt needs All resistances and vitality - aim for 60+ on each

8) Amulet is adequate

9) Weapon needs to be changed - to Skorn

1) Swap hardened wrath to impunity - better overall damage reduction
2) Swap overpower to revenge provocation - better survivability
3) Swap Punish to onslaught for more DPS - the 3 stacks of 8% from Punish isnt effective as 2 x 25% for onslaught!
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Thanks for the assistance. I have upgrade my gear some in what I could afford. My damage has gone up a good bit, as well as my resistances and HP. I've started farming MP2 as suggested and its been pretty easy. I'm continuing to try for key runs, but at only a 20% drop rate, I'm wondering if that's a waste of time. Should I just be farming gold?
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