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this just happened to me. i sent them a ticke

the first time im pretty sure it was a hack, and you didn't do anything about it, but it was only for a couple mil so i was ok. .

Well I guess you should consider yourself lucky that this hacker was stupid. Imagine if he hacked to just pay 5000 gold for your vile ward, rather than that other cheap item!

It's weird, we constantly get tales about hackers who exploited the AH to underpay an item for a few mils. We're lucky hackers all have I.Q. <75
What if someday they learn that hacking an item worth 1million takes exactly the same effort as hacking an item worth 1 billion!
We'll be doomed

If there was an hacker doing that stuff, he wouldn't bother doing that on anything worth 1m.
Or even 100m for that matter.

100 millions would be chump change to that guy.

That's just like calling the police to tell them you lost $5 and can't find it, so it has to be some powerfull wizard or wtv using telekynesis to steal your $5. Because he totally wouldn't use that spell of his to steal a few billions!
Think before calling hacks.
If it doesn't seem to make sense, it usually doesn't make sense.

And as for your problem...
You wanted 60m minimum, you got like 51, not that big of a deal.

Be more carefull the next time. 9m gold isn't that big of a price to pay to learn that lesson.
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fool yourself once... shame on.. yourself..? fool yourself twice... shame on.. (im gonna leave that open, but you should have learned the first time you made this mistake, you even said this has happened to you before)
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In my elementary grade Math class, we learned to count 0's.
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11/22/2012 08:38 AMPosted by NecroSmokist
In my elementary grade Math class, we learned to count 0's.

Thing is, people seem just not to care.
I mean, look at all the threads where people are complaining about this...
Just take this one for example.

OP wrote like 500 words about it, probably took him something like 5-10 minutes.
He also submitted a support ticket, presumably took him just as long.
Let's say 15 minutes total.

The problem happened, apparently, "because you don't have commas and it is really confusing sometimes"

OP got confused. Typed 10000000 rather than 100000000.
But lets say OP is careful. He doesn't feel like typing bull!@#$ for 15 minutes after he lost his item.
SO he say, hey, I don't want to lose a 120m item and I don't want to lose 15 minutes. So I'll just take about half that time ( 8 minutes ) to count the zero.
There's 8 zero in 100m, so he can spend 1 minute per zero.
Of if he's fast and count 1 zero per second, he can count them 60 times, just to be sure.
Would that help remove the confusion? Odds are, if you count them 60 times, you're gonna set them right pretty much every single time.

But people don't care. They don't want to spend 8 minutes, or even 1 minute, or even 5 %^-*ing seconds to make sure they type in the right price.

They'd rather lose the item and spend 10x more time talking to a support team who can't help him because everything worked fine, or a forum who doesn't care.

I've put hundreds of items in the AH.
Nothing really expensive, but I put tons of smallstuff, to test the market and so on.
I never made any mistake, not even once.
I'm probably more carefull with my 100k trash items, than OP was with his 120m item.

I'M not sure how it's 'confusing' because you don't have commas, too.
Here's a hint. Put your cursor right next to the first digit ( in this case, right next to the '1' ).
Then, move it to the right, with the keyboard arrows.
Everytime, count.
move to the right
move to the right
move the the right
move to the right
No more zero? Then you set it wrong.

There's way to make sure your number is fine.
Unless you're like 5 years old, or mentally challenged, there's no excuse to set a wrong number. lack of commas doesn't make it confusing. Use your brain, find a way.
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