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this just happened to me. i sent them a ticke

11/18/2012 07:49 PMPosted by chrisko
thanks blizzard you guys sure do have great customer support.

Sorry but Blizzard will not help you. Whether the game needs or doesn't need commas doesn't excuse your mistake. What is it that you expect them to do for you?
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Chrisko you're an idiot
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Umm, I disagree with the harsh words but I agree with the sentiment. It could have been worse.

You said "as long as it sold for more than 60m, i wouldve been happy." I have to say 90 cents to make you change from happy to mad seems extreme.
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You do know that after you post the auction you can look at your auctions tab and it has commas on that screen? And then if you see messed up, you can cancel it. And also, you have 5 minutes to do this. You do realize this don't you?
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11/18/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Khendo
You do know that after you post the auction you can look at your auctions tab and it has commas on that screen? And then if you see messed up, you can cancel it. And also, you have 5 minutes to do this. You do realize this don't you?


And basically this: if you can't be bothered to double check it, you didn't really needed it anyway.
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You hardly have the right to complain about their lack of text formatting with the massive block of text you crapped out in your original post.
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Dude i have never had more than 2mil in my bag at once, and you're complaining about only getting 58mil for your piece of gear? WOW xD
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what were the stats? it's likely you got a fair price as people are aware the auction house keeps running during maint and there is a bidding frenzy just before.
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Whenever im playing when server is going down, i will go to AH to bid for items that is expiring in less than the server downtime. Currently, its VERY HARD to land you good deals as there's already too many players and "AH flippers" doing the same thing. I say the most you can get is another couple mils. as there's tonnes of similar Wards on the AH. Get over it.
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All I saw was 2nd time, hopefully you're smart enough to not let it happen a 3rd time.

Tough luck, it's your own fault you didn't check. Sorry, Blizzard won't do anything for you.
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11/18/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Omegaxmen
i feel sad for you but what do you expect them to do? it's sold in a legitimate way, is it not? mistake was made on your part but i agree that Blizzard could put up an extra column to show the minimum bid in your auction items list.

Add farking commas to those zeroes, seriously.
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to the people saying ive made this mistake twice: no thats not what happened. i put in an item with a 100k min bid, and no buyout. it was some legendary that probably wouldve sold for 2-3m, don't remember the stats. well about 5 minutes later, someone buys it out for 200k? that doesn't even make sense. nowhere did i put in 200k, and i checked and the buyout was blank.

also people, where can i see, once the auction has been started, what the min bid was? where it says current bid, it says "no bids" you guys are trolls.
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The first thing I do after I post a item, is click the auctions tab to view it with commas to make sure the price is correct.

D3 has it's flaws, but your lack of fore-sight and fair due diligence is the issue in this case.

I do the same thing and often have to end and restart cause i forgot buyout or whatever
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Your own fault, don't get mad at blizz for it.
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now this item is worth about 200m, but since the economy is bad no one buys items. so i was lowballing it,

I find this funny. It's worth 200m. The economy sucks so no one will pay 200m. Doesn't that kind of, by default, make it no longer worth 200m?

60m, I just wouldnt of been as mad as i am. that was the highest ingame offer i had recieved, even though i was trying to sell for 105m (and that was about 95m under its value, this games economy is so broken

Again? It's worth what people will pay. Not some arbitrary number you feel that its worth.

Now if the AH goes down and no one can bid, that is another story all together.
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oh yeah i forgot, here were the stats:

265 str
79 vital

and just generic other ward rolls

i know people are selling on ah for 100-120m, but these are worth 200m. they are such a hard roll to get, but nobody, especially in this economy, wants to pay 200m for a bis shoulder slot, that will only give them 5k dps and 2k life. yeah i guess it couldve rolled life% to make it bis, but these are still almost as good.
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lol at all of the people saying its my fault. I made a mistake,

so it IS your fault.

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11/18/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Local33
You should learn how to type, read, and spell. Mastering any one of those skills, should prevent this from happening again in the future.
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Stop using round numbers like 100,000,000.

Instead, list it at 123456789. You increase your profit that way.
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