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Hellfire Ring help

Hey fellow monks. I've been farming my guts out here lately and I'm tired of farming for Leoric's Signet. Would anyone here be able and willing to run me through some ubers for a Hellfire Ring? I could care less about the stats; I just want the experience affix. I have two machines and would be willing to pay you for the third.

Thanks guys!
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If you have 4m to pay, there's a fellow Tombox004191 on the Trade Forums [edited] who will carry you at MP10 so you're guaranteed a ring. You also need to bring 3 IMs so you need 1 more, or you pay for it

I'm happy to help for free, but you'd still need 2 others, and if they are not 150-200k DPS then I can only do MP8 as my DPS not high enough to avoid Uber enrage at MP9 or MP10, so you still have chance of no ring. I have my own IMs.

Net, if 2 others volunteer we can try it. If you need help for more IM keys I can help there too
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I would be happy to help for free as well. I can do MP 8 fairly easily, never tried anything higher.
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can help you on mp8 solo or mp10 with team. free as long as you have keys
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Took a few days to hook up with the guys in the posts below but they will run you through for free as long as you have the gates. Took about 30min in mp9 and I got my ring.

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I'll help out as well. Have a few friends that have 150+ dps toons as well.

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Wow, I thought this thread was buried. Thanks guys. I was able to get up with a team on the Looking for Group boards here, but I got RNG'd on the last organ (MP8). So I'm going to need another run.

I farmed three Act 1 keys later that day, but haven't played since. I'll get the last six keys tonight.

Thanks guys! I really do appreciate the offers. I'll be sure to get some FR's out soon. Also, Piffle, your guide might as well be the best thing on this board. Well, shoutout to nameless too.
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I'd be willing to help as well as long as its in a team, as I dont think Im good enough to carry on my own
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Thanks guys! I really do appreciate the offers. I'll be sure to get some FR's out soon. Also, Piffle, your guide might as well be the best thing on this board. Well, shoutout to nameless too.

Thanks! =D
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A huge thank you to everyone who offered help here. And for those interested, here's a story on how I got my ring. As mentioned earlier, I got RNG'd on the final organ on my first run. Took a day and a half to farm the remaining keys on mp3, but I got there. The same guy that ran me through originally was able to do it again and I got all three organs (the one I needed was the last portal to open).

Then I needed the plans. Like an idiot, I forgot what was what and thought that I had to run Act 4 warden. It was way too hard. So I decided to just casually farm A4 on mp1 for a while. Got it on the first try. Thinking the rng gods had changed their minds and decided to favor me I immediately went to forge the ring. Naturally, I this was the point when I learned that I was an idiot and the plans were for the Infernal Machine, not the ring. Pays to 'read the manual' I guess. Went to Squirt, had only about 300k gold. Had to farm. A lot.

One of my auctions for an old weapon ended without a bid. So I decided to impatiently sell it at a fire sale price. Sold immediately for 1.5m. Bought my first Hellfire Ring with these stats:

+35-59 Dmg
+65 Str
+171 Dex
+33 Int
+239 Armor
+4.5% Crit Chance
+35% Exp

Crit chance on the first try! Pretty stoked. I get a Hellfire Ring and a 6k dps jump.
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