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question on weapon please

is it better to get a higher base dmg on weapon or more +intel?
i'm currently shopping for a manaj's knife, and i see some of them has a bit higher base dmg/dps but 200 intel, another one has 270intel but about 50dps lower on base dmg, which one is better?
i can't decide on them, so seeking help. not familiar with WD's dps system, if I should go with as much as INTEL or more weapon dps?
please advice
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Try using this DPS calculator to get an idea http://www.d3rawr.com/

You would gain about 30 dps with your current character for every point increase in int. Two things to keep in mind though, that number will change once you chance to a different weapon, and you also get a slight defensive benefit from more int as it gives you some more resistance.

Edit: remember also that this 30dps increase is not in the same units as the weapon dps. For example, a weapon with 1000dps and 10 int is not equal to a weapon with 1300dps. Your best bet is to import your stats into that calculator and then use the compare feature to put in a new weapon with the added int to see what's better.
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Thanks for the info. I will use that to check it out.
That's why I like this game, so much to learn even after a year of playing:)
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Mmm that calculated is too complicated .
I'm just gonna link item ingame to see which one adds more dmg from the sound of it thou I will go with one add more intel
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that's why it's good to look at rares with socket and CD too! even if it has no intel!
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Yeah another way is linking the item from the auction house into a chat channel and then entering a game and comparing. The AH should really make that much easier to do, but it doesn't.

There are so many things about the AH that could be improved by beginner programmers in so little time...
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I think over time they will make it that way, but for now I just have to link. Anyways I bought one with 280 intel and 100 Vit. With 90%CD and 3% LS. It's freaking awesome!!
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