Diablo® III

lol (epic) echoing fury drop

1232.2 dps
1.43 attacks per second
167 int
76% crit damage
2.9% life steal
16.5% chance to fear

lol i will probably never get another drop like this. im probably gona end up putting this on GAH, any suggestions on a starting bid?

this baby is on auction house right now, current bid 120 mil, auction ends tuesday night about 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific.
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I bought mine for 46 million...which I think was a great deal. You can price it off that.

Really rough estimates....Assuming someone has 50% crit chance

My weapon 1050k DPS x 1.5 = 1575 weapon DPS
Yours 1232k DPS x 1.38 = 1700 weapon DPS

Therefore...maybe start the bidding at 85-100 mil?
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Start it at 80m.
You will end it near 250m.

Becareful of Tuesday maintenance.
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no open socket?
It be worth alot more if it had that.
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awesome, thanks for the suggestions guys. this is gona be more than all the gold i've ever aquired via pick up, vendor, or selling on AH.
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does echo ever come with vit?
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no open socket?
It be worth alot more if it had that.

Only two rolls so it is LS + socket or LS + CD.

The CD roll at 80 is fairly high altho still lose to OS.

The DPS is fairly high.
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11/18/2012 06:01 PMPosted by pichapiegal
does echo ever come with vit?

Yes. Bad ones.
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shameless self bump. put this on the auction house this morning, current bid at 120 mil.
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