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best gear for WD

I just came back to D3 after a hiatus, and i'm curious what the best gear set ups are. do we still favor a 2h over 1h+mojo? best bonuses on items, like the obvious INT. my skills are spirit walk, soul harvest, big bad voodoo, and gargantuan. passives are vision quest, pierce the veil, and spirit vessel.

thanks in advance for any help
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Both a skorn or 1h + mojo are viable.

For belt the witching hour.
For shoulder, vile ward.
For helm, chest, shoes, ring, the zunimassa set. Look for CC on the helm.
Then you have a ring and amulet to fill in with whatever the best you can find is. Many use the tal rasha amulet for the amulet.

I would emphasize CD and CC over IAS since IAS just taxes your mana.
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tal rasha w/ a Helm set = +3% black dmg. (side note buy Black Phys Dmg weapons, elements are a waste of power)

Blackthorn set and Zuni set, 2 each, you'll get the 2 best bonuses from each set.

Socket Unity ring + what ever ring(I use a Wailing Host ring, a combo will give you some MF+Gold 15% [GREENs])

can be done for 10 million or less.

I'll prolly never use 1hand+mojo again, skorn kills way faster and I'm to lazy to dodge when I don't have to.
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Info was much appreciated
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What builds are u generally using? assume multiplayer, INferno, act 4
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Check out my gear and build. I can farm mp8 handily. Skorn is hard to beat for Acid Rain / Rain of Toad builds. Also Skorn has "black damage" which is great for %elemental damage bonuses.
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can someone explain to me what is black damage, and black weapons?
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Look at my weapon (Skorn). You will notice that it does not have any elemental damage. It just has min damage, max damage and damage %. This means all the damage done is physical ("black"). Now look at my boots. You see there is a "8% to Poison Damage" on them. This extra damage is only applied to raw "Physical Damage (black)" on your weapon. If your weapon has some elemental damage on it, then % elemental damage does not apply to that damage.

Since Skorn does not have any elemental damage, it is a "black" weapon with "black" damage.

Does that clear it up?
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awesome. thanks
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11/19/2012 12:06 PMPosted by aluu
can someone explain to me what is black damage, and black weapons?
Yeah it's a stupid distinction that needs to be removed from the game.

More practically, the example given above is correct.
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