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So just to defy the cookie-cutter builds, I've been using death blossom as my main skill. Turns out it can actually be pretty awesome. I'm only half way with Act 1 Inferno (MP 1) (though I also did Hell Act 4 on MP 10), but I'm pretty sure this build can hold up.

Here it is:

LMB: Death Blossom
RMB: Frost Hydra
1: Crystal Shell
2: Time Shell
3: Teleport: Fracture
4: Storm Armor: Scramble

Passives: Cold Blooded, Blur, Illusionist
Use Scoundrel with fast cold bow and multishot

Basically this build turns D3 into a game where !@#$ dies quick if you can stay alive, which is why you have 5 (semi-)defensive skills. It goes like this...

For normal mobs:
    --Pop Frost Hydra to start for the slow and cold blooded buff.
    --Shift L-click to start blossoming.
    --If there are fast mobs or lots of range Time Shell and move to far edge.
    --Use teleport to cross back over your Time Shell once mobs get through.
    --Now you have 2 decoys for when TS runs out.
    --Recast frost hydra for control and to hit clumped up guys in TS.
    --Use Crystal Shell as needed.
    --Enjoy constant passive damage and a huge speed difference from FH and Storm Armor

For Elites:
    --Same basic idea, but you'll obviously be moving more to avoid %^-*. This is why I take Scramble over Power of the Storm: you simply move too much to need the extra AP. (APoC also helps.)
    --The passive damage means steady progress with heavy bursts when they get hit with DB when you can get safe for a few seconds.

I've tried using this build with Arcane Torrent: Disruption, Chaos Nexus and Ray of Frost: Black Ice with more circumstantial success. (RoF Numb or Snow Blast is good for single target dmg) All these could probably work if my gear didn't suck (it's probably sub-500k total) [EDIT: My gear is much better now, though still sub 1.5 million by hunting for deals. I've stacked Vit and AR so I can take a couple hits for longer DB bursts]: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ILLogical-1529/hero/26976545

I've also tried Critical Mass (35% crit rate at the time) instead of Illusionist and it was great for easy stuff, but on hard elites you're not critting enough as you kite (since only DB crits count) while Illusionist always gives you an escape when you need it.

I've also tried Duplicates instead of Crystal Shell, but sometimes you just KNOW you're going to take damage which is why I prefer CS.

Other perks:
    --Not aiming saves you apm! For those of you that don't know, Death Blossom will auto target a mob if you haven't hit anything in like 3-4 missiles.
    --Getting hit by Storm Armor does a surprisingly good job of stunning mobs as they approach with the hit animation.
    --Bosses are usually big targets so they get hit more often by DB.
    --The build naturally clumps up mobs so they all get by FH and DB missles.
    --The Scoundrel is usually really good at using his blind defensively and not blowing it early.
    --You're not super-dependent on Crit gear.
    --It's great not having to kite most of the time.
    --Cold blood gives better dmg than Glass Cannon with no downside.
    --You can swap out hydras and some other skills for more circumstantial boss fights, but keep the main idea.
    --Power of the Storm is great for co-op when someone else tanks--as would be Arcane torrent AP reducing gear.

Anyway, I'd love feedback, especially from better geared wizards who try this. Thanks!
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arcane torrent works great with arcane dynamo I've come to learn. Get an SOJ with -arcane torrent AP and use a few skills that help with AP regen and you can spam 1.75x damage arcane dynamo arcane torrent to your little hearts content!
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nothing is really a challenge until inferno mp6-7....use whatever you want until then
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Seriously though, more people need to see this. I've tried other builds and I honestly just can't go back after getting good with this one.

Tried Arcane Dynamo and found it less than great. You lose a spell slot and spend too much time getting the charges up instead of DBing. Plus when you have to kite you lose the bonus so fast. The Cold Blooded bonus is always there with Frost hydra and it helps you kite.
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sorry, but anything below mp4 you can use any spec and it will breeze thru everything.
5-6+ is when it gets a bit harder and challenging.
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Sure, I get that 5-6+ is where the challenge is. But even on MP 2 this works way better than the other builds I've tried.

I can only imagine that on MP 5-6+ it will work even better compared to other builds since it has so much control and two passive sources of damage.

Gummybear, geared as you are I can only imagine this build will work even better for you since it emphasizes control to not get hit and give you time to put that ludicrous DPS to work. Try it!
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I don't get people who give you that "try it in MP5/6/whatever" attitude. Blizzard designed the system so you can play any MP you like and feel rewarded, and being able to choose the MP level means we get build diversity.

So keep doing your thing and pick the MP level that works. :)

Having said that, you should give Arcane Dynamo another try, but with a fast proc spell (living lightning works best). Look up eLINminator's "Uberdeath" build, great fun for fat boss killing. With SoJ I was critting Azmodan for 2million a hit landing so many blossom hits, he died in like 10 seconds even in MP5.

But I don't think that's practical in normal farming, I kept murdering myself on reflect damage elites because the blossom damage is so spiky. One second I could be missing completely and doing nothing, next thing I know, a shot lands in the middle of all 3 and crits, and bang, instant death. Even 6.6% life steal didn't save me as I die instantly before my leech works.

Fun though. :)
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