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Blizzard, I'm considering botting

ok im considering botting too, thanks for great thread and stupid blizz
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I have played over 800hours and its very hard to even farm one mil per hour. Items that i picked up are all worthless junks and even a decent or good gear only sells for like 100k.

Blizzard, please give me a real reason why I shouldn't bot your game.

Because you'll get banned. They do ban people and even post about it...

Needed the laugh, thanks.

Oh wait.
Were you serious?
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This thread is a good indication that the CMs have not been reading D3 forums. This post goes against the rules and would have been deleted by now.
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what this effort really should be pushing for is this:

ladder system called ladder PVPcore:
no pvp until ready but these are the chars that will be used for pvp and they have to follow these rules:
-only way to make a game is make af public game and every client has a report a bot option

-volunteer guide system or MVP system that has blizzard approved players answer these bot reports and confirm them directly to blizzard who punishes them these guides would level up there own 1-60 seperate level system based on how many cheaters their work has lead to being caught and should be viewable in their profile as a flag of authority to be a constant reminder to players not to engage in cheating

-each ladder 6-12 months? every ladder character labeled its season like if you mak ea char in season 1 it will be forever labeled as a season 1 ladder char and will play with season 1 peers
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Seriously so much crying. If people spent half as much time playing the game as they do crying about bots they would actually be pretty god damn geared.

Blizzard will continue to do work to prevent cheating. It isn't as widespread as everyone thinks. Its bloody hard to stop cheating ask valve about counterstrike, see diablo 2, TRUST me when i say diablo 2 was way way worse.

i disagree. I spend a good amount of time farming items. I am not pretty god damned geared. Found about 3-4 good items that sold for around 140mil. botting easily > my hard earned playing hours.

I seriously don't think d2 was way worse. If you think about it, people knew rmah would be included in this game. You don't think since its 2012 the botters are waay more prevalent compared to early 2000? of course they are. I bet there are waay more accounts that bot in d3 than d2. id bet my account on it.

Keep going man. 26k elite kills is ok but really 40 level of paragon exp is really not great for MF/GF. Keep pushing and continue to see better items drop.
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True there were botters before, and there will be botters after the paragon system.


The system itself inherently rewards botters by setting an impossibly high bar, that essentially punishes those at the bottom and rewards those at the top, a top which is infinitely easier to grasp when there is little to no effort from you.

Finally a shred of intellect out of you. That is a problem. There isn't much of a solution though and until there is there isn't much anyone can do about it. Players still have the ability to farm that $250 dollar item it's just unlikely. It's more likely that a botter will find it 5x before you but that doesn't remove the possiblity of you finding a godly item and a godly item will always be a godly item no matter how many times it's farmed.

You're referring to the margin in between. The fact that the "Less godly" items are cheaper is great for casual players. That means that gear that would typically cost the casual a TON of gold now doesn't cost so much. He now has better gear to farm for those "Godly items"

The slot machine now only pays out on "Jack pots" instead of lesser combinations. I'm not really seeing that problem. The bar is raised but thats fine. Botters are also ruining it for themselves that way.

See this is what it is all about.. Money.. Its not about having fun or enjoying a video game... Its about trying to make money off the game.. Maybe you should try to look for a real job?
I think you should follow one of the advice mentioned before: stay away from the game for a little while, go out, find a new hobby, play counter-strike or some fun games like that where grinding isn't the MAIN purpose of the game.
You really sound like a drug addict ready to commit something that you'll regret.
You're too much in your bubble, your Diablo 3 grinding routine... Games are supposed to be fun in the first place.
Play a game where skill is involved, that way if you're not good and/or lose, at least you can blame yourself and not the developers or some other kind of excuses (randomness of drops, botters or whatever you may come up with as an excuse for your frustration.)
people keep telling op to go do something else well thats exactly what hes saying hes going to do but run a bot while doing other things LOL
can someone give me bot program. thanks
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11/19/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Elements
You're too late to the party. Botting now would be a bad idea because I think Blizzard is starting to ban bots now since everyone is posting and crying about it.

We beta testers posted about bots.. they didn't ban them from beta, and the same BattleTags keep spamming everyday... constantly being reported and they dont get banned...

a few of these suppliers of bots or gold websites paid blizz a price.. whether it be a monthly fee to not ban or % of their profits .. either way blizz has been bought i'm sure of it

.. and dont use the RMAH and dont complain that you have to bot to get better gear... NO YOU DON'T

I know this because I played for 2 weeks @ launch.. I've been back like 3 weeks.. I don't bot.. but I don't MF either

I provide services just like I did in D2, I lvl people, or tank/kill stuff for them.. think outside of the box to increase your revenue.. I setup precleared runs and charge peeps to get a keyrun done in but a few moments
This is a good thread its ridiculous all the bots iI seeing in public games now and you can tell they are bots when you inspect there gear and they all mostly run A3 so it should be easy to catch them yet they are still doing it. I always report bots in the harassment section but see nothing done. I saw blizzard post a thread the other day on issuing bans to players but I still keep seeing the same bots every day its a joke lol.
instead of cheating, maybe you can consider going Hardcore? eventho lag/dc heroes dead issue is still a main problem there... i'm beginning to wander off to HC (level 2 atm hahaha)

im sure there arent that many bots in HC (or maybe none?) XD
this is now at the top of the popular topics section...on the d3 page...
Blizzard should just make the best items untradeable, like the hellfire ring.
Blizzard actually are doing things in order to catch Botters, why would they tell the public how they are catching bots? Just by looking at your account I can tell you havn't played enough to be making such outlandish comments. Also for your comment on grinding for 50-100 hours for an item.. Whats wrong with that? do you actually want all your gear handed to you on a plater or.... am i missing your point.
I'll believe blizzard is doing something aginst bots when i stop seeing many players on friend list who play 24 hours 7 days a week.

They get away with no punishment. Fact.
ask ur grani to help you farm then . bot is for loser
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