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Blizzard, I'm considering botting

The term "casual" has a really weird definition according to this game. Cascual is 100-350 hours. Hardcore is more than that. The game is designed for hardcore, and since that's outside of what most players can even manage, they just resort to bots.

I also don't remember having to spend that much time in d2 to get the best gears for my characters. I spent a lot of time making multiple characters, and doing stuff with those characters - not just gearing up a single character to a near impossible goal.

The game is designed for hardest of hardcore players. Most people are "casual" according to the current design of the game, as lots of people - and it's not hard to find them, they posted in this thread - don't consider 350+ hours of playtime to be hardcore.

Blizzard did a good job designing a game for the masses for normal through hell difficulties, but then they completely made the inferno grind to be the most hardcore ever.

Someone accused me of complaining about the grind in a grinding type of game, but that's just a non-sense comment. You shouldn't have to spend so much crazy hours just to get a reasonable upgrade to your character in a single item slot, nevermind the rest of it. It does feel like a job, as you said. It's taken to such extreme proportions. It was never this difficulty to get the best items in d2.

To be honest, while they lowered drops and widened the quality of the gear that drops, they did in the hopes of people not realizing that there would be nothing at all to do once they eventually spent the 1000+ hours and got there. What is there to do with him once you attained it? Show it off? That's it?

In D2, it was easier to assemble the best characters, but then you spent dozens of hours enjoying them by actually doing stuff.

pretty much.
I think they are aware somewhat, but correcting the problems for the individual player would basically tank the economy even further on the auction house, since part of the solution is to a) increase drops, and b) reduce the variance on good drops so that even the low-end is decent.

Of course, such a change will tank the prices of everything, and give little incentive to use the AH outside of filling holes since players could farm up the items for themselves, and I don't think blizzard likes that design. But I don't think it should take more than 150-200 hours in inferno to gear up a character to be more or less "best-in-slot".

I think Nat's chest or inna's temperance should roll with all resists, just make the roll 40-80. The ones that are 40-69 will be cheap, and the 70-80 ones will be more expensive. Naturally, these will be generally be cheaper than they are now, but at least a solo individual could find them and make good use of them. I found 4 nat's cloaks, and 3 of them became Brimstones and the other sold for 150k. I had to actually buy the cloak I'm wearing now for 13 million a few weeks ago (which I'm sure has tanked in price). But it sucks that I had to buy it in the first place - I found 4 of them!!!

Another example is nat's ring. Why does this thing not have critical hit chance on it by default too? The reason I say this is that if the ring doesn't have it, it has a hard time competing with a random dex-based Unity - even when you include the damn 3-piece set bonus! Considering how rare this ring is to drop, do we need to find 20 or 40 of them to finally get one with critical hit chance? It's stuff like this that destroys the item hunt for me.

Diablo 2 got it right. When you found a Death's Fathom, even the worse 15% extra cold damage roll was amazing for a cold sorc, and the best players sought after the 28-30% ones. But at least when this item dropped, it was good. The same can be said for all items in the game, such as Crown of Ages, Shadow Dancers, Call to Arms, Infinity and all the other good items. Even the worst rolls were good, and I think we need to get back to that.
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I remember in diablo 2 I could join a game that says free stuff here and get an enigma....
Some interesting things on the web on why some saner people have already quit or started to bot.


I think I'm basically done with D3. I dunno why I played the game after I got the first few legendaries (when I thought it was fun and cool). There are two things in particular about the skinner box design that deeply annoy me

1) My gear is constantly losing value and/or is getting outdated (due to gold inflation and mass supply of items through bots and just lots of active players), which actually makes me feel a bit guilty if I don't put in some amount of time every day since I know the time I previous spent in the game is being destroyed/devalued

2) The rewards after an 8, 10 or 12 hour play session have become completely non-existent. The reward after pressing the lever almost never comes, yet the game designers want me to keep repeating act3 over and over again in the hopes that something might just drop. But unlike the real skinner box, the game is flawed in the sense that you can go to the AH to stop pulling the lever, and I guess they hope you do just that. In any event, if you don't want to use the AH, it's enough to get you to stop playing the game, which is why I think a lot of people leave or even bot (a sane, healthy choice I think).

I'm pretty much done with the game. Over the last many days - like since I first created this thread, or a few days earlier - I just had the realization that I wasn't having much fun anymore and so I haven't played at all. The botters seem to have figured a way to get around the problem of boredom or the realization that they were in a skinner box.

But like the videos say, I've already mastered the mechanics. I know all there is to know about my class. Nothing is a novelty. Why do we play?

The articles make the whole venture pretty disturbing. I remember having a lot of fun playing through normal difficulty in this game. Was probably the most fun I've had in a long time in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3's end-game just isn't very good though. Like the article says, it compels you not through great immersion, gameplay and blissful execution, but by using skinner box techniques. Not a good sign.
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Not a single line of code needed.

Just hire someone to buy gold and ban accounts.
Easy money back while bot players buy new accounts, or are forced to tunnel the bot loot through the AH/ RMAH!
suggest doing some trail and error with path of exile first :P
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and people want to bot and/or spend countless hours to gear their toons up .. for .. what exactly?
I think Blizzard should release an official botting API and create a botting game mode. Anyone using a bot that is not based on the official API should be banned. Anyone botting on the non-botting game mode should be banned.
OP you're an idiot. Sorry, but what kind of logic is this? If some people cheat, and they have better stuff than you, then you must also cheat? Why? Do you feel good if you "win" at anything, but had to cheat to get there? Or maybe you're onto something. Bot D3 and then you can go and hack Skyrim so you can kill dragons by using harsh language. Cheating is SO fun!
Botting was 10x worse in Diablo2.
I'm surprised you'd wait for D3 to pull the trigger.
I hope you get banned if you go through with it.

This is a game where you can modify the difficulty to your liking.
The AH is completely 100% optional.
The fact that random people you don't know are cheating shouldn't bother you here any more than it would every other online game out there.
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I see the root problem being the in the lack of diversity in gear, or rather, useful/interesting affixes on the gear.
Right now its all about mainstat and a couple of others. 80% of possible affixes are totally useless and 50% of the rest are just ignored.

I remember in D2, opting for a less damaging item if it had a particular interesting or useful proc/ability on it.

If there were a much wider range of useful/interesting stats/abilities on items, they could afford to let them drop more often.
Ya so i know several paragon 90+'s and they dont use bots at all..

The whole point of the MP and Paragon system was to increase the gap between casual players and hardcore ones.. The point was that there was NO end game, people !@#$%ed, and now you are complaining that its too hard to achieve?

Shut upppp... ive put in just over 300 hours on my wiz and i can play on mp 10 comfortably and farm mp7 and mp8 efficiently... there are still several upgrades i can make and while they may be expensive at least i have something to still look forward to
It's amusing to see on the bot forums, that they are complaining to keep it down, because there are complaints on blizzard forums.

The botters know, they browse the forums, and they want this issue to stay silent.

indeed. now shush plz!
I told myself that if Blizzard failed to prevent cheats with their stringent guidelines and balancing the game around an AH then I would bot to exploit their system as much as possible.

The sad truth though is that the game isn't even good enough to bot =/
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