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*AH Bug* taking your bid money

I play the AH a lot and something just happened with a Bid that makes no sense at all.

There was an item I wanted about to expire at 30 mil BID no buyout. I knew the value of the item was worth exactly 80 million. I was buying this item to FLIP.

I stopwatch time every single auction and always enter my bid amount with exactly 15 seconds remaining.

I proceeded like always and I enter 77,999,888 with 15 seconds left. I expect the same thing to happen as it always does either I win the bid for lower than my amount, or, I get outbid in the last few seconds and lose the bid.

I spam search for the last 15 seconds to monitor any bids. The Bid immediately jumped to 44 million. No further bids input for 14.5 seconds, business as usual. With 0.000000 seconds left on the item the bid price jumps to exactly my bid amount and it says I won the item for 77,999,888.

Now, I have bought thousands of items off the AH. Probably in the 2-3 thousand items range. I dont do anything but play this game.

What kind of events could possibly transpired that I win the bid for exactly the amount I bid on it? Either someone outbid me and they won the item at my price...or i win the bid and at the next closest buyers price. There is no way I could have won the item for exactly down to the penny the amount I bid on it.

I post concern because in the future when I bid on a GG item worth 500mil to 1Billion. I DONT WANT TO BE R*PED FOR EVERY SINGLE PENNY because something shady behind the scenes is going on.

Shady how? Dont know you tell me.

Wtf just happened.
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Did they change the bid policy?
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I just tested it on a low priced item I got refunded gold and I only paid the amount of the next highest buyer, as intended to work so something definitely fishy was going on with the first auction.

Any idea what happened with the 77,999,888 purchase?
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7178978376?page=1#4 This guy had the same problem. If Blizzard changes the policy and does not disclose AH bidding procedures especially when real money is involved then that is what I call STEALING gold from your customers making them pay maximum amount when you didnt inform them of any changes.

Please inform me what exactly is going on here. Thanks.
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Response please
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As I posted in your other post.

The only logic I can come up with is there was a good chance that a person did bid higher after you, but didn't meet the max bid + 5% increment requirement to win the bid over you.

So a bid like 78 mill or 80 mill on the item would not count as a winning bid, even though its higher than yours. But because he bid that value, I think the system automatically pushed the current bid to your bid limit.

The bidder would have needed to bid 81,899,883 to obtain the winning bid from you.

Another possible is that the person bid higher than 75,237,989. Since that is lower than you bid, they cannot win. But any bid + 5% would equal be be higher than you bid, so it will force you to pay max bid.

So as auction get very high, I can see the range at which a bid will force a player to pay full price being bigger.

In your case, as long as there was a bid between 75,237,989 - 81,899,883 (~6.66m bid range), you were set to win the item at your bid price.

I can see players abuse this to force others to pay full price.

At the 500m stage, the range of possible bids will be at ~48.8m.
At 1bn, the range will be ~97.6m.
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Great explanation, bLu, I've mentioned this in a couple of other threads, but I never considered the impact of a higher bid not exceeding the 5% increase over the winning bid and how it would extend the range of possible bids that would force the buyer to pay their max bid.

I guess in the back of my mind, I always ignored that, incorrectly applying a "highest bid wins" theory.
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