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Suggestion:How to improve the Crafting System

Hi Guys,

I'm a german Diablo player and came here to show you my ideas on how to improve the crafting system which is,and i think most of you will agree,kinda pointless in many cases at the moment.
I chose the english forum because i believe its read by far more people than the german and enjoys more attention by Blizzard employees.
I do realize that there is a special Crafting Sub-Forum but i want as many people as possible to read this and maybe give it a thumbs up or suggestions on how to improve my ideas even further.
So here it is:

I thought about new items which occasionally (really really rare) drop on Inferno.
Lets just start with some i made up:

Rune of relentless Assault
-Can be added during the crafting Process to give an Item an Attackspeed-Bonus of 6-9%.

Rune of prismatic Barrier
-Can be added during the crafting Process to give an Item an additional 30-50 Resist to all elements.

Rune of Greed
-Can be added during the crafting Process to give an Item an additional 5-7 yards Pickup Radius for Gold and Healthglobes.

Rune of Toughness
-Can be added during the crafting Process to give an Item an additional 200-400 Armor.

Rune of Depth
-Can be added during the crafting Process to guarantee an Item to be socketed.
(Max. 1 on everything but Chest and Legs ofc)

Rune of Slaughtering
-Can be added during the crafting Process to add give an Item an additional 25-50% Critical Damage.

Im not a developer so ofc i have no clue about the maths and those values are just what i thought to be solid.
But those Runes would add some excitement to the whole crafting experience.And they would as well
a) create unique Items (For example Boots with Attackspeed)
b) help to improve individual builds and playstyles
c) still leave it to chance whether the crafted item is good or not.

Only ONE Rune can be added per Craft!

I believe people would use the crafting system far more often because there is a chance for having a really unique and amazing item.Its totally the "Carrot-on-a-stick" method because most items would probably still be crap,but one does have slightly more influence on the result.

I hope for some resonance and maybe some ideas for improvements.Or maybe a blue post regarding this topic because I'd love to hear if there are some changes coming for the crafting system.Right now its just a waste of time,gold and materials.

Thanks and have a great day
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It would add interesting items.

however the easiest solution is to just make crafting cheaper and use up less resources
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great ideas
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