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IDEA: Making use of crafting materials

I like where the game is right now but there is some room for improvement and I think most of us agree that crafting could use a boost. This is what I suggest - if any of you guys have ever played Archlord, I am basing this off of that idea. In that game, there used to drop this item called a "Reinforcement Potion". It wasn't a common drop but wasn't particularly rare either and was maybe worth about what ~100k is to Diablo 3 players. Anyhow, you use these potions to go to the crafters to "upgrade" your items, adding base armor for armor or base weapon damage for weapons. I think we could do a similar thing with fiery brimstones and some other materials if necessary (it'll drastically improve the value of crafting materials as well as "!@#$" brimstone legendaries).
So here is how it would work: you get a fiery brimstone with some other crafting materials, combine it with a weapon/armor, pay some gold, and VOILA - your armor gets +10 armor or your weapon gets +3 damage or something. The catch though is that you can only do this up to ~10 or 15 times and it doesn't always work. In Archlord, the first upgrade is usually like 95% chance of success, 5% chance to not work. Success rates, of course, go down as you upgrade higher. Furthermore, as consistent with Archlord's system, it wouldn't JUST "not work" - there's also a chance you start all the way back to zero. For instance, upgrading from level 5 to 6, you would have a 50% chance of success, 40% chance of failure, and 10% chance that it goes back down to zero. I'm just spitballing numbers obviously but I honestly can't think of a better idea of improving crafting materials right now. I really liked the system in Archlord and I think it would be perfect here. I don't want it to break the game obviously (that's why maybe 10 levels for +100 armor or +50 damage) that players won't feel obligated to do to survive. Also, it's pretty hard to get to higher levels due to the chances of failure but, whatever, it's a fun mini game.
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