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remember to put your new potions on your bar as you upgrade them.

died at level 56 when i had a vortex/desecrate mob that gripped me back in, i went to pot up, and sadly they were the old pots on my bar that i had replaced :[
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be very careful where you open up skill/inventory menu's. I died once on normal (A3) because I opened up the skill menu while standing just a tad to close to the flames :P
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If you encounter any lag at all, just log off.
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I know this is a very old thread, but the advice is sound, and this should be visible for everyone. I'm reviving this thread and making it a sticky.
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Wow, this is the first thing to get stickied..... /facepalm


Edit: Maybe this could be good if a Mod went through the entire topic, picked the few pieces of good advice that are hard to find in here, put them all in one post, and stickied it. That may then be useful. But, I always hate having to read through many pages of a topic to get what could be summed up in one post.
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Never fight in small or narrow areas; kite mobs to a big open area whenever possible.
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Lol, I fail on the very first piece of advice in the first post. I've been playing on a wireless mouse/keyboard. Oh well.
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If you have children, and they are looking for some attention, pause or leave the game immediately, they can be very distracting, I found that out the hard way. LOL

Be safe,
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Farm. Get to inferno and plan on a very long stay in act 1. Belial is just down the road a act and you KNOW that you want to be OP when you face him. \

Besides act 1 inferno is GREAT for generating gold. I run cemetary for 3-4 elites, festering for the next 3-4 and then get a good 4-5 on fields (including key warden.) It's a quick run that produces lots of xp and wealth.
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[only 1 tip per person]
- Never use a wireless mouse / keyboard

Argument invalid.

Started Hardcore one week ago. Beat it one week ago, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard. Easy peasy. Now the game has no more incentive for me.

Anyway my tip for not dying would be don't get surrounded.
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Ummm we can see your profile.

You haven't even beaten inferno in softcore and you have no hardcore characters.
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The problem with a wireless keyboard / mouse is that if the battery dies - you die.
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Snap out of being over-confident (at any point of time)
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