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being the 3rd asian monk to complete HC during 1.0.3, i think the following 3 tips are totally essential and will dramatically reduce your chances of death.

1) if you find your HP in the 50-60% zone you need to start backing off / fleeing. even if you think you can take them out before they take you out - dont do it.
2) if you use an important defensive cooldown (serenity, spirit walk, ignore pain, etc)- take it easy until the cooldown is back up again
3) only kite into territory you have already been through. this also requires you kill every mob that you come across on the way.
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Don't play when in bad mood.
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Eat fruits and vegetables.
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Dont pick up health globes when you dont need them. Leave them there in case you have to run away from a tough enemy
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Don't hesitate. Be bold(Not in a stupid way) during packs, precise. Instead of ''should I run away'', be a bit more calculative, cause running away from packs can also be lethal.
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I've actually found that once you have engaged an elite or champ pack, try to go find a regular group of trash to kill helps a lot. You can easily get 3 or 4 health globes to drop in a matter of 10 seconds of killing trash. If you're able to find a couple trash groups, you can easily extend your health pool against an elite/champ by 10 full health pools or more. And don't pick them all up until you need them.

Of course if you should run into a 2nd elite/champ while fighting the first, it's time to wizard teleport and run like a girl for the exit.
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Make Blizzard put an offline mode in order to NOT DIE via lagg blizz servers!
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22 Troll Rogue
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overgear+shield+alwayz careful
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Vitality and res, MP0 requires next to no damage so stack that HP
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never play when your game volume was muted.
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Don't mix HC and SC. You need to stay in that hardcore mindset.
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