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price check plz guys? vile ward good int roll

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Found my first vile ward, given my lack of decent stuff and the fact that I don't play a lot, was thinking of selling for gold and doing other upgrading if you guys think it is worth a good chunk, if not I will just use on my wiz....(america softcore) Looked on AH and can't find anything with the vit/int/str/ the int is within 10 of highest on AH with a little vit seems like it would be pretty damm good...

Vile ward
+60 Vit
+77 resit all
+281 Int
+311 life per sec
+249 armor
+108 str
Thanks for your best estimates.
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What is its base armor? +249 is built in already.
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603 total armor, just copied the mods it rolled, my bad... :)

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Its really not too shabby. Prolly 150m there. Prices have really taken a hit even for the 201+ int ones but a 281 roll should retain some value. This would be worth a ton more with a 90 vit roll.
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I am okay with being patient if it helps, but would you suggest starting it at 120m, buy out 200m and see if it sells? ( I could do a lot of upgrades in lots of slots with a good chunk of change like that given my stuff sucks ) only play a couple hours a week....

just wondering as in my limited playing the most i have sold something in AH for is about 10m... ;)

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That str is quie benificial as it adds 108 to the total armor. Makes sure you factor that in when comparing in AH.

I would say 75 - 125m

2 comparable in AH atm, 1 ending in 14mins 60/90m - no bids
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Yeah I dont pull any punches in value and tend to go high when selling. 150m is the absolutely highest value i see it selling for.
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cool man, I appreciate it, I normally don't post on here, so I will confirm with another place I posted all the time in the d2 days and get some confirmation & then try to sell it :)
Have a great day guys....

aphraell, good call to remember that str gives it extra armor...I searched for ones like it with the str and didn't find any so that is one reason I wasn't sure....

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I searched Vile Ward

250 int
0 vit
100 str
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