Diablo® III

Why must we identify items 1 at a time?

Is there a reason behind this?

I remember that in Diablo II, Deckard Cain would auto identify all the items in your inventory at the click of a button.

Now we have to identify everything one by one, it is very troublesome.
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Just to piss us off.
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11/19/2012 07:35 PMPosted by FriskySpoon
Just to piss us off.
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Has been talked to death on other posts.
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because you didnt save Cain!
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Because how else will they sell us the expansion?
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Is it really that big of an issue? It only takes a few mouse clicks.
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Its not fun, it's time consuming, its not from any intelligent or Diablo-minded origin. Sure it's good to have people that can think outside the box making a sequel, but ID'ing items 1 at a time is not some radical fun innovation. We've been complaining about this, frankly stupid, requirement since release last May.

Efficiency is key to this game, so most people dont even pick up rare items because of this insane feature to identify things 1 at a time.

Developers: if you've been tracking the increase in drop rate and magic find of the average player since the release, than the fact that we are even asking for this to be fixed is due to a serious oversight on your part. Play your own game, please. Then you might get our complaint as clearly as the difference between MP1 and MP10. This is a duh issue. Add ID rare items to an NPC and get it over with.
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11/19/2012 07:23 PMPosted by Ronnie
I remember that in Diablo II, Deckard Cain would auto identify all the items in your inventory at the click of a button.

Unforunately, Cain died so his services could never see the light of day again..

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Servers would most likely experience higher-load. That's the only real reason I can see anyway, and it's silly...

Edit: That's if they made it so you can ID stuff without a cast time, but still needing to do 1-by-1. As for why there isn't an auto-id, I have no idea. Knowing Blizzard, it'll probably be an xpac feature like "New NPC in town who now auto-id's everything".
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