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Name next upgrade for WD above you

@ DAmwake, I'd upgrade your ammy first of all, you're missing out on a ton of DPS without any Crit dmg on your ammy, same goes for your left ring.
^ i guess higher vit zuni chest? the setup you have is basically what i am aiming for myself
First and cheapest thing would be to upgrade your gems a few levels, it would result in more hps and more int. I like the Stam and AR on your shoulders but I would look for one with more Int if possible.

I'd say zuni pox with crit, possibly a change of pants and higher dps or socketed manajuma knife. Well-geared but dmg is a bit low

I'd say zuni pox with crit, possibly a change of pants and higher dps or socketed manajuma knife. Well-geared but dmg is a bit low

Hard to say what would push you to 200k. Perhaps the same gloves but with a higher INT roll closer to 300, or better stat rolls on the ammy. The cheapest is to upgrade the gems in your pants for sure. Nice gear!
Thanks man, I'm currently at 183k unbuffed. Its hard to find a glove upgrade but I think around 200 mil for a 9/9/35+/200+/vit will be possible in the near future. I'll think about the gems but 18m per 8 intel upgrade still seems a little steep, but guess its going to happen eventually. I could probably use a better zuni marrow.

Bracers (80 int/80 vit/60 all res/5+ crit), pants and ammy with 8/80+ crit chance/crit dmg are your priorities. Also life leech should be better than the LOH on your wep, consider a manajumas.
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@p0nd, I'm fairly new to WD so...I dunno, maybe a better chest with higher vit?

I know all parts of my gear could be upgraded...I'm just saving up.
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@Dche...nice build for just starting, you can upgrade you shoulders with more int & vit for realy cheap these days!

@Palms, can't see your gears.....
@eric nice gear. but if i had to choose i would suggest a better chest or a better offhand

Come on man it's hard to upgrade on that gear... I suppose the only thing would be finding a decent hellfire ring. Since you don't have any magic find you are gonna need those paragon levels...

And if someone has a suggestion for me, remember Rafiku is in hardcore XD
@mudrunner I would think you should have plenty of gems laying around to bump all of them up a few levels :) Also the chest piece may have 3 sockets, but the base stats are pretty low.

Nice gear :D

maybe upgrade jewelry (amulet or Foresaken Star ring)
ill play this game, def the leoric's signet for a soj or a zpox

or maybe the lacuni prowler wit same stats but int/vit?

good eq, tho
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Hey Ryan, he's going for the belt in a little bit... Stockton!

As always a very nice build, time for a tal rasha ammy im thinking...

Can anyone recommend any significant improvement for me inside 60mil?
Only thing I can think of is with AC builds is using procters on hands/belt. Outside of that, I think maybe looking into your hand slot. Also maybe consider a LS dagger.
what i gotta fix?
^ ur ammy, get one with cc
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