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Name next upgrade for WD above you

rate me plz my gear is ok i guess soloing mp4 with little problem but wanna go higher tell me how
Start by getting a better mojo.
Then work on a better weapon
Witching hour after that
Then start working on getting more armor + more crit chance ( start with helm)
and then move to other pieces of gear.
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what stats would i look for in a better wep/ mojo i jut got these were like 12 mil apice
@ Jimbob

your gems, buddy! Stop being cheap!
you should grab a wep with either default cd/lifesteal/LOH. That also has a socket
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weap? socket, crit damage, life steal. very expensive to get all 3, but worth it if possible.

mojo? Thing of the Deep for pickup radius. Serpent for pure DPS. basically, you want average damage to be over 200, high int, high crit chance, and any WD bonuses like mana regen.
@CheeseyPuffs. I think it is time to ditch the Cindercoat for a Zuni chest. You can get similar INT/VIT, but + 3 sockets and more All Res. You've got the other 3 pieces. The chest is actually a good item out of the set. the extra mana regen will be nice, too.
@Rakimallah, what's going on with that gem in your 2-hander? It is making me cry tears of agony. If you can afford +58 int gems, surely you can find a +90% crit gem for that 2 hander.

Also? Why that 2-hander?
@mellojoe, id say better jousting mail, can easily get 150 int / vit for less than 5 mil id say, probably socketed for a lil more
stop looking at my MF gearz! I didn't realize armory captured that lololololol
@Rakimallah : Bracers. i know you have huge INT/VIT and crit rolls on it, yet no reses. Other than that your gear is pretty damm nice :)
@skitzflik: Looks pretty solid to me. I think belt could be upgraded, maybe find a nice blackthorns to get the +100 vitality, or a poison tal ammy, although it might take awhile to find stats equal to the one you got :).

i would guess some higher dps gloves.. the small AR is kind of a troll. i would think you could benefit more from some high int trifecta gloves or int/vit with big CC/CD

Nice set you got that overall considering wd is not your main, i would suggest changing the litany get some rare rings with cc cd average damage, or even loh. Either that or special rings like stone of jordan.

Also you don't seems to have any loh at all, so rain of toad is probably not the best choice of primary.
Nice WD guessing gold skin is not your primary gear. But that stands out the most.
@Garggamel Just my though but I would go with more Movement speed. Though it is personal preference and you would probably lose dps for it. Second would be to add some sockets to pants or weapon.
Your next upgrade might actually be a Zuni ring with crit chance. I feel like I have no idea where you could upgrade, similar to how I have no idea where to upgrade myself.
Small change but I'd get RA on that bracer.
The belt would be cheap one to upgrade or expensive one for huge upgrade. Set bonus you have is worth nothing.
Your next upgrade might actually be a Zuni ring with crit chance. I feel like I have no idea where you could upgrade, similar to how I have no idea where to upgrade myself.

@Haejuk You could always squeeze in some more pickup radius. Not that it makes a huge difference performance wise, helps with extra gold. If the Barbs ever find out how much gold they leavin layin when the speed run they will have a heart attack. LOL

My zuni pox has CD already and I guess I could go for CC, prefer not to lose the RA as I only have it on like 4 pieces lol. Thank you for the input and I will look into it.

One Side question I would like to ask yall ... with my 700 ish LoH and 3.0 LS .... is 50k life overkill? Or should I swap out the vit gems on pants to Int? Input greatly appreciated.
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