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Name next upgrade for WD above you

@Rakimallah I would replace the weapon with a one hander that has life steal and then get a mojo. This will probably improve your damage health and mana regen.

@rohan I would try to save up and get lacuni/giyua/tal's ammy all with crit chance. Also a manajuma's mojo with crit chance could help.
I'm not good at this so i'm not going to suggest an upgrade to the guy above me.
Waiting for suggestions.
I would go with either your gloves to get a trifecta, your ring, or go with a witching hour as a belt.

(In the process of upgrading gems)

you have ASI stacked yet you're using a bears build. might as well go for CC/CD w/ int/vit on gloves and go for a Marrow chest and POX ring instead of the right one with no stats. then you'd have the zuni 4 piece bonus, AR on the chest, wouldn't run out of mana from channeling bears w/ ASI. a thing of the deep is also a nice, cheap buy for the PR and bonuses it gives w/ max mana and regen


i would grab an int Vile Ward. they trump your current with the armor, regen and higher stats plus higher AR and they are very cheap now, would be a solid upgrade

-i have gotten a Unity with 220 int, 100 vit and 300 LOH on my right hand now and a Tals Allegiance with 280 int, 100 vit, 150 regen and 750 loh, so now i'm at 1040 loh, toads are procing very nicely. any other recomendations other then a Manajuma's and Pox w/ CC? i feel like my next 2 upgrades are those but both very expensive, like 150m each ^O^
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@kkmmnn, nice gear overall except that your armor is bit light, if i had to choose i would get a pair of pants with higher armor and put some more AR (>70) on the bracer :)
@eric, you def need some more life. you can easily add it in boots and pants. Also, I dont see a point in using PtV as a passive. Even at MP1 you have to run out of mana a lot.

That's some great gear you have there. I guess you could look for a trifecta ring with better crit chance and some int/dmg on it as a next upgrade, but that's being picky =)

Bracers with more cc, or lacunis with cc if you want 24% ms see as you only have 12%.

Gloves with cd and/or more int should be next after bracers.
I'm not good at this so i'm not going to suggest an upgrade to the guy above me.
Waiting for suggestions.

Weak sauce, you caused me to get skipped.

You gloves look totally out of place (dex really?). Replace them with ones with int/cc/cd.

Could maybe gimp some of your crazy life pool for some more dmg. Maybe drop your shoulders and grab a high int vile ward?
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I think your next cheapest upgrade would be your pants. Get some with the same int, AR but more vit.

I think I may have painted myself into a corner here. I have finally build a good Rain Docta but at the expense of EHP. Procs help defencively alot but environmental effects are a female dog to me at mp 7+.

PS. My profile is not up to date atm, does anyone know how often profiles get updated?
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I'd go with shoulder, similar stats but + life%,
or helmet. Then again, I am a life junky.

I see you have a bit of LOH, is it enough to handle damage reflection?
@spks19 i would say get a better right ring, im sure you can find one that adds dps without losing too much life

I'd say u could change your zuni vision for one with mana regem or crit chance :)
@sschezar. I'd probably swap out the gesture, for better rare gloves. Or ditch the Manajuma's for a better/black knife.
Pretty sure this would be an upgrade for any WD:

See image: http://postimage.org/image/qe2qhcv4j/

58 Dex
167 Int
IAS 8%
12% movement speed
1436 damage to melee
Crit Hit Change by 6.0%

Currently on the AH for 200 mil!

Your gear is missing from your profile.
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