Diablo® III

Name next upgrade for WD above you

@ForceMajeure Get a better crit gem in your weapon lol

Probably your amulet. Get a bit more CC and CD, maybe with +damage on it, should improve you a bit. Also, could get a better vile ward but that wont improve you much

Why are you using Fierce Loyalty and not Gruesome Feast? You have very little life-regen or thorns. You have the Toad of Win, use its pick up radius.

Better gems.
@Ocko I'd trade those boots in for some zuni's
1st mmo played.. kinda nooby
11/21/2012 11:01 PMPosted by Bigj99678
1st mmo played.. kinda nooby

any 1k+ dps 1 hand under 20k would be a great improvement
11/21/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Regenerator
1st mmo played.. kinda nooby

any 1k+ dps 1 hand under 20k would be a great improvement

@ Regenerator

I think you know that 17k health is kinda low. I'd look to drop some of your intelligence for some vit. Also look for a 1 hander with a socket so you can add some crit damage. I'd say your amulet is probably your weakest.
@ Seraph1083

It has to be those gloves. Should be a cheap upgrade.

Nice WD! Maybe a socketed Andy's? Not much to upgrade.

Anyone looking at mine, really would like to farm mp7.

zuni boots / (maybe helm?)

hard to advise, i'm not very skilled at the HC scene :(
@cyclism: awesome gear, but the zuni marrow is a bit of a let down. they're kinda cheap now i got mine for 20M

glove should be replaced with better stats. ias seem overkill, you got it on belt and bracer already.
@Nerzaa CC Zuni Helm/Ring.

To the next person below please tell me something other than CC Zuni ring or Witching Hour Belt. I'm currently saving up for the ring first lol
I got skipped lol @Baraboomba Hellfire ring or Unity maybe?
@ Omen,

You could probably find an upgrade for your yellow ring. Good build, tho
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@Thewizzer: Not too familiar with WD but I guess your shoulder would be your next upgrade.
@ azliet seems like decent seetup but i'd try and find a zuni body piece, yours has no sockets in it at all. I see that the vit is nice to have, but more damage always better, b/c at least with WD you can let ppets tank

You have a lot of MF which is nice, but your DPS needs a lot of work. A lot of your pieces could easily be upgraded. You can easily find a better zuni marrow with more int and vit. Also getting both crit dmg and crit chance on rings could add a lot of dps.
- Hard to spot one for your upgrade since you have really good gear, prolly same stat wep with a socket but I guess that would be hard to find too.
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go for some innas pants or lacuni bracers to cap the move speed and that will also let you drop the a.s. from the pox and get some better stats on it.
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